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Thread: PROJECT: iPhone Bluetooth!

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    I honestly thought this project would be dead within a month. But you guys sure proved me wrong, nice work!. Looking forward to see how this project does over the next couple of months!  03473

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    months? try weeks
    always hit the thanks button

    no signature spam/links... Thanks

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    I saw this yesterday iPhone 3.0: Now with copy and paste, MMS, sat-nav
    apparently the new iphone firmware 3.0 will support A2DP stereo bluetooth and MMS among other things.
    looks like apple is finally starting to listen to the masses.

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    In my opinion jailbreaking was the key to getting Apple off their buts to finally give us what we want. What is the only way Apple can fight jailbreaking besides with the legal system? Put in the main features that people are jailbreaking their iPhones for.

    The worst part about their whole iPhone 3.0 with MMS, is that they are saying the original iPhone won't support it because it has a different radio. I'm calling BS on that they only want people to dump their original iPhones to purchase new ones. What the heck does the radio have to do with MMS? Absolutely nothing! The only good thing though, is that AT&T will be opening up MMS for iPhones now, so anybody with the original iPhone can just get Swirly MMS and not have to worry about having to call AT&T a million times to get it to work.

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    i'm running 3.0 my iphone 1g
    i'm running 2.2.1 on a my iphone 1g

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