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Thread: MobileSafari plugins?

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    Default MobileSafari plugins?
    Does anyone know how MobileSafari plugins work? Or how someone goes about making one?

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    id help you and provide info, but i have a feeling the sdk will kill them.

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    I would ask Justin Schwalbe

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    hmmm... i don't cnow, but probably is located here: System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins - here is only one Plugin QuickTime Plugin.webplugin
    this is My Decompiled Info.plist file: Info.plist
    maybe some can make Flash or whatewer plugin based on this
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    Supposedly there is a plugin to download files from Safari...haven't tried's not open source is it? Anyway, I'm guessing that you register a MIME type with Safari, and it passes the address to the plugin whenever it encounters it...does this sound correct?

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    The downloading safari plugin is called 1.1.1 - Download Plugin
    and its from the CopyCoders source

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    Yes, but how do they do it? Or where is source code that demonstrates a Safari plugin?

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    the download plugin is "no-frills" but works quite well, and if you use netsevices in conjunction with it, you'll have the ability to turn it on and off, which kind of completes the package. good stuff.

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