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Thread: Where is my <PhotoLibrary/CameraController.h>?

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    Default Where is my <PhotoLibrary/CameraController.h>?
    I am compiling a piece of code, it has the statement #import <PhotoLibrary/CameraController.h>, but when compiling the compiler says PhotoLibrary/CameraController.h: no such file or directory!

    I have searched in Ccygwin\usr\local\arm-apple-darwin\include\ as well as the whole C drive and couldnt find the PhotoLibrary folder.

    Did I miss anything during toolchain installation?! Btw, I installed the toolchain by winChain (

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Anyone please?

    Also when you unRar preBuiltToolchain.rar, you don't find the folder PhotoLibrary and that header file in it either.

    What do I have to do to compile my program? It imports CameraController.h and CameraView.h :/


    Please, could anyone be kind enough as to send me the PhotoLibrary and bin folders?
    I am writing an app that allows camera autoshoot btw.
    Many thanks...

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    Download Erica's headers from here:

    Then add (do not overwrite) any missing headers from this archive.
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    id be careful downloading her headers, i dont think they are all complete/patched

    i got that header for berlios, when i did try and install her headers it messed up all my frameworks

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    That's why I said add missing headers from her download, do not replace your headers with hers.
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    Pocket-sized Development
    Follow me on twitter: @NetMage

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    i added some headers and they didnt work without me patching, specifically PhotoLibrary headers.

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    What did you have to patch?

    Attach them to the thread...
    Starlight Computer Wizardry
    Pocket-sized Development
    Follow me on twitter: @NetMage

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    i honestly dont remeber unless i went digging back and i dont really have time..
    might have been PLPhotoLibrary.h.. i added a few that i didnt already have and they didnt work without hunting down another header that was missing thats in another framework,

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    I've found that a lot of my headers I have are combined. E.g. NSMutableString does not have its own header file, but instead has its header in the same file as NSString's. Maybe you could rename the old include, make a new folder for Erica stuff, and use a symlink to switch back and forth as needed.

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    the only issue is alot of headers rely on other headers to work, and we still dont have 100% of the headers dumped. so sometimes you have to manually patch them, but thats only if you are one of the few who is doing things that nobody else is doing.

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