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Thread: App signing and the SDK

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    Default App signing and the SDK

    I've been searching around these forums for an explanation on this topic and have not been able to find a clear answer.

    Is it possible to load user-developed apps onto the iPhone/iPod Touch using a "custom" restored version of the 2.0 firmware (say, 240d) and the latest iPhone SDK (beta 7)? The custom restored 2.0 firmware was applied using the guides available on this web site.

    From my experiments it seems to generate interesting lines in the crash log with the App running for a while (without an interface) and then crashing. Lines like "unknown lockdownd[16] <Error>: expiration_callback: This milk smells bad. Let's taste it." Although a debug message in my app from a call to NSLog() will still print to the console.

    I bought an iPod touch purely with the intention of developing for it, under the impression that I could load my own apps onto it using Xcode to test them out. I was a bit hasty and didn't research first, as I found this was not the case and one could only run things through the simulator unless they were a registered developer. I would gladly pay to sign up as a developer, and did enroll the day enrollment was available but nothing seems to be coming of that besides a "We'll let you know" email.

    Could someone explain whether it is possible to get around this signing/crashing issue? What causes it?

    Is it the particular version of Xcode and the SDK or the version of the firmware?


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    code signing begins with sdk beta4.
    if you want to use your apps and you are not a official developer, the beta4 is the only option

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    Quote Originally Posted by pomello View Post
    code signing begins with sdk beta4.
    if you want to use your apps and you are not a official developer, the beta4 is the only option
    Thanks for your reply.

    So you are saying to install and use the iPhone SDK beta 4? Or that since code signing begins with iPhone SDK beta 4, to install and use SDK beta 3?

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    I'd go with use Beta 3 since he said code signing started on Beta 4. I forget what version I have and I'm too lazy to check anyways but I know it has code signing.

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    Thanks for all your help guys.

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    Is this still the same guys.

    I know you can:

    ldid -S

    after copying it across.

    However I want to use a jailbroken device with the Official SDK so I can use "On Device Debugging" and so it's not so much hassle when testing on the device.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    well, i don't know if you already read it but you may want to check out this thread:

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