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Thread: How to edit "WEBCORE" framwork

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    Default How to edit "WEBCORE" framwork
    i want to edit the file :


    its a ~ 4.46mb binary file. ( on 1.1.4 )

    how can i edit this file ?

    can i convert it to TEXT , EDIT and convert to binary ?

    or i have to Compile this file from the sources ?
    (Apple - iPhone)
    if so , how can i compile webcore in windows , or linux ? ( no Mac OS available )

    thank you

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    The fact that you ask this means you are going down the wrong road and shouldn't be attempting it.

    The file is created by Apple from their source; to edit it properly you would need to go to work for Apple.

    It is possible to hack such a file by disassembling it and then figuring out the binary patch you want and using a binary editor on it. If you don't know assembly language, machine language, how Objective-C is compiled to machine language, and how OS-X frameworks work, I wouldn't recommend attempting it.
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    thanks for your answer ,

    but i thought WebCore is opensource ! and we can edit it ... compiling from the source or disassembling and edit ...

    its not opensource ? > ( Apple - iPhone )

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    I've no idea if that would work - however, you need a copy of the toolchain to compile sources for iPhone.

    There are some guides here and stickies on getting the toolchain under Cygwin for Windows or for Linux.
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    Even without getting the original source code the file still can be edited in any HEX-editor. The only question - what do you try to achieve with it?

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    useful,thank u...

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