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Thread: [question] SMS API

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    Default [question] SMS API
    Is there any API out there in Objective C/Java/C/C++... which allows me to send and more importantly receive SMS from my iPhone?

    I've read the source code of iSMS, aSMS and apparently:
    - To send SMS, they open a socket-like connection to /dev/tty.debug and send the encoded messages there
    - To receive SMS (or actually just display received messages), they just read the sms.db file in /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS to query for new messages, they didn't really listen to a port or something

    Of course I might be wrong because my knowledge about those things is very limited.

    What should I do some researches on to know more about this? Thank you.

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    "- To send SMS, they open a socket-like connection to /dev/tty.debug and send the encoded messages there"
    Would like to try something similar, but I just cant find a legal SDK reference way to send an SMS from an my application.. Did you find a way, jet? Any help would be gladly appreciated!

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    Question need help
    I am using the same thing for sending sms like in isms app,
    but in device.h , fd = open("tty.debug") is returning -1 and my application got terminated. any idea for that. why is this and what should i do? in my application i m sending sms to some persons with some message and i got stuck here ?
    help me if you know some thing about this.


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    You need to open("/dev/tty.debug")
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    Default Sms Api
    Yes i am using open("/dev/tty.debug"........)
    but it is returning -1
    in what case it will return -1.
    and my application got terminated by status 1.
    i dont have any idea about it.
    is there any other way to send sms with my own application.
    if you know please reply?

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