Hey Everyone,

Final fantasy vii (the only game I want working, that wont =[) runs a bit faster now that I have the Beta (0.3.0) version. Like, 4 - 5 fps faster, still pretty crappy. However I think I can fix it. Hope so anyways.

Anyways, I found this thread;

with hopefully 'good' settings for the emulator. However, they say things like 'clock at 135%' and cycle to be at '4.0' and stuff like that. However when I go into my settings on the emulator, get things like:

- Frame Skip (0123)
- Can Delete Roms
- Selected Skin
- Interlacing
- Scaling

etc etc however there is nothing on 'clocking at 135%' or 'cycle = 4.0'. Am I missing something??? How do you make these settings so I can play my game better?

Also if anyone has a good BIOS they would like to share (apparently some work better than others...), can you give a link or something? PM me? Or is that not allowed? (sorry moderators...im not sure =[).

Thanks every1

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