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Thread: ObjectiveC 2.0 support - toolchain?

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    Default ObjectiveC 2.0 support - toolchain?
    Does the toolchain GCC (specifically one compiled last November) support ObjectiveC 2.0 (e.g. the @property tag)?
    When compiling, I get a "Leopard only" warning...

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    No. Rather the iphone OS released so far does not support ObjC 2.0 (it's a half way point between Tiger and Leopard.) It sounds like the SDK beta 2.0 is ObjC 2.0 without garbage collection.

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    Thanks...but deg gommit...
    It seems that without garbage collection, ObjC2.0 is a glorified set of macros...
    I wish there were some way that properties could be parsed by a compiler and converted into the traditional ObjC1.0 methods behind the scenes.

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    Huh, not sure what you mean. Preference/plist files can be loaded direct to dictionaries. I'm confused by your properties / ObjC comments.

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    I mean as far as I see it, the parts of ObjC that are new to 2.0 that I use are similar to macro...they don't offer much new functionality, but rather save time.

    @property(retain, readwrite) NSObject* exampleProperty;
    @synthesize exampleProperty=myVariable;
    is (I assume) just like plugging in the code:
    - (void) setExampleProperty: (NSObject*) aValue
    [aValue retain];
    [myVariable release];
    -(NSObject*) exampleProperty
    return myVariable;
    Now I'm sure they do more stuff behind the scenes (serialization perhaps?), but I just wish an entire different runtime wasn't required. Would it be possible to implement the objC_setProperty(...) [etc] method to enable this behavior?
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