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Thread: Zoobhoy eight

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    Wink Zoobhoy eight
    5th March !
    Time to submit Zoobhoy Eight to Cydia
    All donators who want for free a copy, wait for the release and email me after your Cydia id.

    Paul and I really want to thank everyone here for your generosity, your friendship, and all those screenshots. So much talent people here !

    See you soon

    22th of february UPDATE !
    - A new icons set called "Zoopreme The Light" has been added to the Copy Folder. If you need a simple white glyph set THIS is for you. If you want to reduce the size of the icons please consider to install the free tweak called Bigify.
    - HTML zip updated with 4 new lockscreens and a new iwidget.
    - Wallpapers zip has been also updated with almost 20 new walls for your iphone / PC / MAC.
    As always NO NEW EMAIL for donators.
    Just refresh the beta 2 copy folder

    19th october update :

    - zoopremacy theme with 3 new icons (Fantastical, Dropbox and Flipboard) BUT also with desktop icons to use on your Mac
    - 3 new sbhtml themes by our friend Map1978

    As always NO new email to the donators but just check the beta 2 folder

    13th of february
    UPDATE :
    - Zoobhoy eight (main theme) : minor updates on icons + here and there few things
    - New LS zip disappeared and HTML zip appeared. This contains widgets, lockscreen html and sbhtml (by map1978)
    - Wallpapers zip updated
    - New convergance tweak theme
    - And... Zoopremacy theme ! Just a new theme that you must activate above the main Z8 theme.

    I hope I did not forget something. If yes please let me know.

    All missing wallpapers will be added to the idevicewall site

    Have a nice weekend AND SHOW EVERYONE YOUR SCREENSHOTS !!!!

    Please do not pirate Zoobhoy Eight and addons.


    First things : if you have pirated this theme two things, a) i hope u realise this is months of hard work thats taken us away from our family and all we ask in return is a cup of coffee or a beer….not to much really is it. b) if u come to us looking for help you are fecking dreaming!!

    Soooo here we go again bigger and better and on iOS 8. this time around I am hoping we have learnt a thing or two to make this theme familiar but cleaner and just nicer all round. We have been in constant contact over the past few months coming up with ideas for the second instalment of Zoobhoy and we have literally went back to the drawing board a few times drawing on inspiration from past themes that we have enjoyed to make what we feel is a good all round theme that still has the flat but detailed feel that we all know from the previous outing.

    We have packed a few slightly different things into this theme in a hope to convey the strong belief and commitment we have in bringing more and more goodies to all that support us to make this a truly huge experience…. but we must have a beginning and this is where the journey starts….ZOOBHOY EIGHT.

    Of course this theme in its current form wouldn’t have been possible without the zoobhoy crew @thatguychris @besenford @rko1195 @iAzaleea @sk37chi @johncon68 @chris_gold and @darka5sa5sin all of whom have made contributions in the spare time and for that we are grateful….

    Ok again ladies and gents please understand that Paulebh0y have a life and he does live in Australia and whilst you guys are all up and about he is most likely snoozing like a boss…

    please read the readme.txt

    Zoobhoy eight is ready for all iphones and ipad with retina ! Iconomatic, groovylock, sbhtml, bytafont2, winterboard are needed tweaks. Paulebh0y added a little surprise to Yosemite mac users (yes!).

    The screenshots :

    Right click and open the preview in a new page.

    Now your question is HOW TO HAVE THIS THEME ???
    A donation via paypal to [email protected]
    The minimum is 3$ or 3€ or 3£
    After the reception, Paulebh0y, once he is wake up and not at work (yes we have a real life too), will send you a dropbox zip and instructions to install ZOOBHOY EIGHT.

    P.S. : Make this thread life with screenshots and nice mods. Respect everyone around. To help each others is easy if you want it.
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    Default Zoobhoy eight
    This is Simple Lockscreen for i5-6-6+ by undersea



    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Gold View Post
    Here's the iconomatic I showed off in my SS yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy!
    Attachment 689641

    Quote Originally Posted by mike88000 View Post
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    ...donated 5$ right now!!

    can't wait!!!
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    Well, You probably did it again.
    Compliments to all the team.


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    I'm in!!!!!!!!

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    Nice. Donation sent.

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    Donation sent.....
    Thanks for the release gentlemen. I know you guys have been wondering about a release to the public and i hope it all goes well!

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    And the journey continues!!

    Donation sent.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your hard work. Donation sent. 😊

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    I am here and so are you
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    Please be patient for the dropbox link.

    Paulebh0y is living in Australia.

    Thanks for the support.

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    Donation sent! Can't wait to get this on my phone

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    Donation sent my bro
    Good Job 👏

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    The first one was a banger and I already know this one is gonna rock out!! Great job for everybody envolved, damn that was quick Paul, fast service at it's finest!

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    First!!!!!!!! Wow. I'm beyond words. -imageuploadedbymodmyi1419897109.410255.jpg

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    Donation sent, can't wait to try this theme out.

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    Default Zoobhoy eight
    I donated from [email protected] but this is mail from my friend....Zoo or Paul, can you send me update of theme to my mail??

    ([email protected])

    Transaction ID 9J075069U5924503J

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    Payment done...

    This means the "old" Zoobhoy thread is history ?

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    Default Zoobhoy eight
    Is it just me or you can't extract the files onto a Windows computer? Having troubles copying the files.
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    In a mad dash I've only sent a blank link... If u have any problems jump on here I'm sure people will help u out if myself or zoo can't get to you... Enjoy ladies and gents.

    O and please read the readme.txt

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