Hey folks,

Purchased this today. Using on my 5S running 8.1

Can't get this to look like yours, especially the black icons, black wallpapers, etc. I don't want to keep purchasing more addons either. I'd like to replicate what you have on the lock screen, the 'vine/youtube' page, homepage etc but lost.

I've installed:

iCleaner Pro
Weather Lockscreen
Widget Weather
1One Theme plus their extras: Dynamic Wallpapers, GroovyLock, JellyLock, Wallpapers, Zeppelin

- 1One wallpaper dynamic
- 1One jellylock
- 1One theme
- icons black

Zeppelin: 1One
GroovyLock: large groovy
Iconomatic: overlay / shadow enabled

Ran iCleaner. Still not looking even close to what your pictures resemble.

This is what I see. Haven't added the widgets just yet because I'm wondering, how did yo push the icons down below the widgets in your screenshot layouts? Especially the one with vine/youtube below the widget centered, nothing else? The fingerprint slider replacement on the lockscreen? How do I change the profile pic?

I tried the weather widget, set it to GPS and it doesn't update my location at all.