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Thread: iWebOS [WIP]

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    Default iWebOS [WIP]
    This is an pre release of my theme iWebOS theme for DreamBoard that i'm sharing so I can get some feedback.

    **Required Tweaks/Apps:**


    * DreamBoard
    Available from the repo:
    *Avenir Next font for BytaFont 2
    Available from the repo: gttkeith's Repository -


    * Twitter
    * Facebook

    A quick video demo of the theme can be seen here:

    **Cydia Repo:** SkyJohn's Repo

    If you have any interest in the theme or have any kind of feedback or bug reports you'd like to give please post it below.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Repo details have been updated in the original post, sorry to the people who messaged me saying it wasn't working correctly earlier.

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    looks real good! and feels good too, I'm sure you've got it in mind but would be nice to change the rss feed easily, and I'm guessing it being alpha thats the reason theres no way to access all apps?

    but looking promising

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    Yeah there is still a lot of the theme to finish, I'm working on adding a settings menu at the moment for all the widgets.

    But I'm not totally sure how I'm going to access an all apps menu yet. Maybe I'll add an extra dock icon for that and see how it looks.

    If anyone has any ideas feel free to share them

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    Quick screenshot of the settings menu i'm working on for the theme.

    It'll slide up from the bottom of the screen when you hit the last dock icon.

    Also, do you guys have any preferences for RSS news feeds that you'd like to see in the theme?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0469.png  
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    Couple of screenshots of the new App menu and the new icon at the end of the dock that activates it.

    I should hopefully have an updated version of the theme up on my repo sometime tomorrow once i've ironed out a couple of bugs.

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    Quick new video showing the animations for the new App and Settings menus

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    Looking good, will be good to get this update can use it on more day to day use easier to find bugs

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    Sorry for there being no update today like I said, I had a family emergency to deal with.

    Hopefully I get some free time tomorrow to package an update and upload it.

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    The update has been uploaded to my repo.

    Change log for iWebOS beta 0.2

    Added Settings Menu
    Added Apps Menu
    Added temp Lockscreen design
    Changed dock start and end icons, added Messages app to dock.
    Rebuilt most of the backend code to be more efficient.

    Known issues:
    Widget settings don't save upon reload, yet.
    Buggy lockscreen unlock slider, not final design.
    Lockscreen widgets don't change to match settings.

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    not sure if you have in mind already but if not for dock badges i thought something like this could look nice...


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    That look really cool, but i'm not sure if that is possible.

    As far as I know in DreamBoard you can only have badges on normal icons.
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    Yeah i've looked it up, didn't seem to be any way to create custom badges like that in DreamBoard, sadly.

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    Has anyone else who tried the theme got any feedback?

    I can see i've had a couple dozen downloads and only a couple of people who have said anything.

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    I'll have an update uploaded up on my repo sometime next week.

    Couple of new screenshots below, of both the iPhone and iPad version.

    Unfortunately I only have an original iPad mini to test it on at the moment so it doesn't look super great in the iPad screenshot
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    Beta 3 of iWebOS has been uploaded to my repo. Only the iPhone version is available for the time being.

    Change log for iWebOS beta 0.3:

    Underlying code has been rewritten to make the theme more power efficient, nothing running in the background that isn't being used.
    Lockscreen has been updated, unlock slider animation now works correctly.

    Known issues:
    Widget settings do not save upon theme reload.
    Lockscreen widgets do not change to match settings.
    Weather Location has to be edited manually.

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    very minor update uploaded to the repo, it just fixes a couple of install issues people had.

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    Beta 4 has been uploaded to my repo.


    Change log for iWebOS (beta 0.4):

    Theme settings are now enabled correctly, settings are persistent.
    Wallpaper settings added (4 wallpapers available, edit the 1.png, 2png, 3png or 4.png files in /Images to use your own custom wallpapers).
    RSS News Settings added (3 news feeds available BBC, CNN and ESPN, or it can be turned off)
    App badge background added for App Menu icons.
    Dock hide animation updated.
    Lockscreen theming disabled (DreamBoard is lacking the features needed to theme the lockscreen how I wanted, so I have disabled it in the theme)
    Known issues:
    Weather location still has to be edited manually by editing the WidgetC.html and WidgetF.html files.

    If you have any comments on the theme or have any kind of feedback or bug reports you'd like to give please post them below.

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    i can't find this theme

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