Vanity is a new theme I have been working on for about three weeks now, but it isn't ready for an official release.
- Clean simple colors inspired by themes like whiteline7, passtel, and transparency.
- At the moment only supports retina iphones
- ipad support will be added in the next few days. (Have made the icons, just need to finish naming them)

IMPORTANT: Iconbundles is a dependency for Vanity. I am in the process of changing this.

Vanity - Imgur

This is where the community comes in. Some specific things I am looking for are:
- icon requests. Please send appinfo if you can. If not, I will do my best to find it on my own.
- general issues/requests with the theme. I am making this for the community, so I am more than willing to tweak and change things as requested.
- things to note*: Early on I had a few mistakes with saving the icons, so a few may seem pixelated. They will be fixed in my update tomorrow.

I normally do not agree with paid theme's; however, I need to pay for this semesters books somehow..

To receive the Beta please donate $1 or $1.50 to [email protected] on paypal. Send a picture of the receipt either through a pm or email at [email protected]

I will be updating this daily for at least the next week.

Then I will be submitting it to Cydia for $3, but obviously beta testers will transfer over for free.

Also, beta testers will get a $1 discount off of my next two themes. (Yes that means free if they are released for $1, or if they are released for free I will give you a dollar! (Honestly only need it for school so if I cover the costs I don't need the money))

Thank you
- sl1p