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Thread: Eli7e Your Better iOS Graphic Source

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    Can anybody tell me the icon names for Tapatalk and Flipboard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjrankin83 View Post
    Icon request please

    Navy Federal Credit Union

    ESPN Streak


    Sorry if any are duplicates. I really did look through 85 pages trying to find icons including MamaJay's post. Also can someone help me understand how to identify which image is the icon image? Seems iOS7 has 14 different icons for each app. (ex. [email protected] vs Icon-72.png?)

    Thanks all

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    Can someone do a ProTube icon please .

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    Smitbeat, thanks for the last portion of icons. I appreciate it, very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lkkwus View Post
    All icons today is no longer I'm in a restaurant with his wife ))))

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
    I've actually been wondering about that too. I'm used to waking up every morning to 20-30 pages to read in the early release of an Elite thread. Last few days - nothing close. This is a theme that really has to grow on you too. iOS7 was SUCH a departure from iOS5 and 6 - and we all know how Bars loves to make his themes fit the ethos of a Firmware update.. At first, I know "I" was expecting the 'business look', angular, dark vibe of the previous Elites.. This Elite is VEEEERY different in look... BUT it really, really, really FITS iOS7's UI images.. Bars is really gifted that way.

    But my guess is - that people who were used to the 'EPHD' and 'e6' look - got this and wondered 'what happened'!!?! I'll admit - I did too. BUT -- each new day I look at my phone -- it looks so UNIFORM to iOS7... and though I'm not a big 'lots of color' man in a theme.. the muted textured color tones of e7 are indeed brilliantly done. But I think people aren't yet "getting with the new 'non dark' (non-slate)vibe" of e7. Not sure it's gonna 'blow up' - at least not now. People will need to treat e7 like a fine wine.. Let it breathe a little.

    I for one am glad for the 'slower pace'. I get to read more and drink in all the wonderful work a lot of you are doing.

    I'm not eager for the 'hyped pace' to return. But that's just me..
    You really hit the nail on the head. I am one of those that got E7 expecting the suit and tie affair, and was put off by the look of the new theme. I totally see where Bars was going and have mad respect for him doing it, I just however despise the look and feel of ios7 and am really looking forward to getting an E6 update for ios7, and I know I'm not the only one. If not, than perhaps I can get my icon set from Chevy's theme-in-progress, "Clear". Either way, incredible respect to all of you out there that dedicate your time to the cause. If not for you all, I'd probably get much more done at work instead of spending my time here! :P LOL

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    Is someone creating Elite7 style icons?
    I'm really looking for a few icons that fit this theme perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolysenegal View Post
    I'm having a bad bad bad battery issues if anyone can help please let me know & my animations stop
    Yeah I don't have activator installed and I still have battery issues, last night without jailbreak my iPhone dropped a percent every 7 or 8 minutes, after installing my tweaks it drops a percent every four minutes, I don't know what else to do I feel really sad about this problem hope you can find out what's wrong with it, must be the same thing for both

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Pa1n View Post
    Twitter...@Max_Pa1n =P #inthecut


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    Credit to the wall creator
    Thanks to tody

    HAFU MAN Follow me @Simonjap63

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    This thread is like going to an eclectic art museum, so much going on in a positive direction, with so many creations of the way people have twisted tweaks and such in to their daily driver with this theme as the base. To all here got to give an applaud to you all for such a positive energy here. @barsoverbeats and the alpha team and all who are/have contributed in some way shape or form, this is like the release of apple stock initially going public......nothing but rises in shares/users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NobleHero View Post
    I keep getting a runtime error every time I respring my iPhone.. (Info.plist not found).. Any way to fix that?
    Also, what is that blue circle below my Skype icon?
    this is you might made a update via Appstore.. remember on ios6 the bage on the side said "NEW" samething but this one is for ios7

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    Default does it work on 7.1?
    Just wondering as I am on 7.1

    And what file browser are you guys using to add your custom icons. explorer doesn't seem to be showing me the folders I need. I would like to a LS

    Added the source but I got an error and I don't see the themes in cydia.

    A lot of tweaks say I can't install, I assume because of 7.1

    Any suggestions?


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    Try at ProTube icon

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    Last 10 pages been smitbeat. u a beast man thanks for all the great icons.

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    Sorry to be dumb but pre iOS7 finding icon names was easy. Now I'm having a hard time labeling icons in bundles and getting them to take. I create a folder com.xxxxx.xxxx include the icon.png and add folder to Bundles of the app. Anyone care to explain an easy way to find the icon.png? Using app info some apps have 6 different icon names.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinchan.Nohara View Post
    Try at ProTube icon
    Good job Shinchan maybe you could put your spin on a Netflix icon .

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    Here's a Spotify and BiteSMS icon. Does anyone know what the bundle and icon names are for Spotify? I couldn't get it to work..


    Where's My Mickey
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    Quote Originally Posted by smr_95 View Post
    Credit to the wall creator
    Thanks to tody

    Where i can find this one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaJaay View Post
    MJSMASH for Cydgets/LockHTML3/GroovyLock - iOS7 only
    12 minute Timed Wall OR Weather Wall
    Automatically Scales for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5

    This is a self-installing deb, so there is no need for you to have to place the files in the correct directory, as this will do it FOR you.

    Cydgets Animated Version - with 60 second LockScreen Dim Delay built in, Touch Forecast, Animations ON/OFF in Config
    If you don't have cydget installed from cydia, then your installation will fail.

    LockHTML3 Animated Version, with touch forecast -- Animations ON/OFF in Config

    NO Animation Version
    Hiya MJ just wondering which version do you find is best in your opinion?

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