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Thread: Shiro

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    Default Shiro

    Shiro (japanese) means 'white'. So why did I choose this name? First of all I am really interested in the Japanese language, you can also call me a Fan of it. But my intention was to give this Theme a unique name. I chose the color white because of its Pureness and with the tiny lightblue Tint it gives Shiro a pretty, unique and crisp Look.

    I am working really hard to finish this. Also doing my best to get everything themed.
    It does work on iPhone 4/4S, but does not have as much as the iPhone 5, due to my lack of the older devices.
    Had a really hard time in real life. I lost my last iPhone 4S due to certain circumstances, so I couldn't work on this Theme for a while, until one supporter, who loved this theme made the Impossible possible. Thanks to you Etan!

    Available on Cydia now!
    Go spread the word!

    Next update will contain a fix for the 4/4S dialer.

    Anyone who purchased Shiro in the past will get the new one as a v1.1 Update.
    Currently I'm without a jailbroken device. But I will update the theme whenever I can.

    What does Shiro offer?
    - iOS 6 and iPhone 5 ready (not everything yet, don't freak out!)
    - Unique white UI
    - Clean and crisp icon design
    - Custom icons
    - Themed Auxo
    - ColorKeyboard with QWERTY and QWERTZ support (might add AZERTY later)

    You can find the .psd file to create App icons on my Website Shiro - yet another white theme... (Still under construction! Its hidden on the site, go find it :P)
    You are allowed to share your custom made Icons with the Community. Best place for this is, just hit the Shiro Thread in the iPhone 5 Theme Release Section.

    If you like my work you can always donate.
    I appreciate every amount of donation since its helping me fund a laptop to work with.

    Website | deviantART

    Follow me on Twitter for more updates! @yuki_o7

    Cheers and thanks to:
    Etan Really appreciate everyting you did for me so far. Without you this theme wouldn't be like this now.
    @Jato_BZ (beta tester) Dude, you rock! You did a great job with your 6.X theming guide. Keep it up! And thanks for the great support
    @k.nitsua You inspired me more than three times and still you are supporting me.
    @SchmilK Still remember the time when we themed our PSPs, followed you up here :P
    @Fattone66 (beta tester) Thanks for the inspiring ideas and support.
    @Teslief (beta tester) Hi there, asian girl from the east coast :P
    @mynanolife (beta tester) One of the greatest supporters

    ...and many others I didn't list here for supporting me.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -shiro.png  
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    I have an iPhone 5 and would be happy to help you out as a beta tester.

    The theme looks fantastic.

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    This looks beautiful! Congrats!


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    Awsome White Theme 😉👍😉

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    Would love to be a beta tester.

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    yukikenzo (2013-05-29)

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    I'll test for ya bro, I like the cyan color throughout

    Lol edit
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    I love this theme on my iphone 5


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    I have a 4S with OS6.1.2 so I could help you out!

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    makes me wish i had a white phone.

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    looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!! congrats
    privacy isn't about having something to hide, another view here

    look here all grammar police, indulge me.

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    Glad to see the haters have gone now.

    Also *cough* Organ for i5? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

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    Thanks to all who like my theme so far

    For all who should have received a beta yesterday you should have the links now. I did mistakenly copy the text instead of the links lol Check your PM!

    I will submit the theme to the repo by the end of the day. Still fixing the little bugs.

    Quote Originally Posted by KraXik View Post
    Glad to see the haters have gone now.

    Also *cough* Organ for i5? *wink wink, nudge nudge*
    There were haters? :P

    Organ for i5 is pretty hard to create since Apple did the impossible again. I thought at first the 'Prev', 'Play/Pause' and 'Next' Buttons are centered. They are not!

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    got an iphone 5 if u still need beta testers nice white theme

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    Nice Kenzo! Good work! Magnificent job on the full white look! Love it! And happy to help! Think we all enjoyed having u on the 6X thread too!

    Hope the theme goes well for you!
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
    .artwork Assassin / Emoji Extractor

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    yukikenzo (2013-05-30)

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    Very nice work! I love white themes and this one is truly amazing.
    I can help you in japanese language if you want, just let me know

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    Don't need to thank me, I thank you for the great work!
    "You can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent."

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    Wow, you rock guys! Still waiting for some beta feedbacks.
    Release is still on schedule and will be tomorrow.
    Eventhough my iPhone isn't jailbroken anymore I will still release updates for this theme.
    Got really nice people around me who are willing to help me out on this one

    And always check the first post since I will post all updates there.

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    installing and will let you know bro

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