Say hello to iesight (-n, eye-sʌɪt / i-sīt)

iesight is an ongoing winterboard theme project. I have been working on iesight since first week of April. iesight mainly focuses on utilising retina display & second is perspective.

Who am I? What have I designed on Cydia?

Myself Paarth aka iPhoneiHelper. Passionate about graphics design. I have design iSevenuos, iSkeuos and iBlackuos.

My main intention behind iesight is to design 3D icons, the icon that creates illusion. Two styles of borders, light and dark modes are the key design to achieve perspective view.

Every icons of iesight have different stories of design. Lots of effort had been made to design those icons. Fabric, Wood, self-designed Pattern and perfect colour palette play vital role to achieve what I have thought for iesight.

Want to see how much details iesight icons hold?

-: Springboard :-
See how iesight look on stock wallpapers?

I will add more screenshots with iesight wallpapers soon!

-:iesight icons:-

What other have said for iesight?

"Those are truly “stand out” icons."
"If I was still Jailbroken, I would def rock this theme."

-Slate ‏@Slate004

"Bright and creative."
-Kanaca Nitsua (Austin Bradley) @KNitsua


I am also planning for iesight beta. Do you want iesight beta?

Here's what I'm planning.

Pay $2.99 ... get beta access.
What would you get in iesight beta?
-System-wide UI

I will update the details if I have any plan for it.

What are the ways to get more information of iesight from now?

Here .. Modmyi thread is the best way to interact.