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Thread: Aaron HD Theme. NEED YOUR HELP.

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    Default Aaron HD Theme. NEED YOUR HELP.
    I'm in the process of making a theme that I want to put on Cydia by the end of the month, hopefully sooner. Basically I would like for other people to create icons that match the theme, thus speeding up the process, adding much more icons, and having a theme that was created based on the opinion of other people than myself, which I hope would also reach a wider audience.

    That being said, this theme will obviously be free! Yes, it needs a few touch ups, but that's another thing I want other people to help me with. I want critiques and opinions of how to make the theme look more like what I'm going for.


    If you anyone has a better idea for an icon, and can get a couple of people to agree, or if I just like it, I'll replace the icon.

    So far I've only done the native icons, and I'd like for the community to throw every App Store icon they can at me.
    I'd greatly appreciate it if you put the icon(s) in the appropriate bundle ID foler, zipped it up, and then emailed it to me, or PM'ed me a Drop Box link or something.

    Now, Im sure some will think that it's inspired by iOS 7. And you're right... sorta. It was actually meant to be a concept theme that I started working on like 2 months before iOS 7 was ever shown to the public. Yuh. Im a hipster. Anyway, MMI rejected it so I put off working on it til a few days ago. With help though, I dont think it'll be rejected again.

    Here's the icon template that you have to use:
    I wont accept any made from scratch. Just open this .png in Photo Shop,, or Gimp and make an awesome icon. Please do not re-size it or anything. I have it like this for a reason.

    I'd like to think that this post would actually get a lot of feedback... lets see how this goes...

    Any questions, just comment or PM me. You can also PM for my email if you want to send an icon via email.


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