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Thread: Pip-Boy F300

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    Hi there,

    I ever wished to have a Pip-Boy theme on my iPhone and when I saw Dreamboard I sayd: "this is the way!".
    So I've tried to imagine how would Vault-Tec made an OS with a touch screen: The Pip-Boy F300 (F is fo Finger).

    Here are my toughts, but beware: this is not the final graphics, this is only a concept made with paint!



    This is the lockscreen, everything is removed: status bar and the "Slide to unlock".
    Imagine that the background is the Pip-Boy background and not black (I'm doing it) and sometimes a screen-refresher will pass (I don't know how to call that effect).

    Anyway we've got the statusbar replacement on top whti the following informations:

    Carrirer signal, Connection type (EDGE, 3G, WiFi), clock, and charge status (Crg) 50/100 is obviously half-charged.

    After this we've got the Outside frame, the [/] is a placeholder for the image, in this image we will see the weather status sit the Vault Boy (for example rainy is the sad Vault Boy with an umbrella).
    Alarm on means that there's an alarm setted (captain obvious is obvius).

    Notifications.... well, I have to explain?

    Downside we can see 4 "pages":

    - Lock, this screen, as you see is contourned that means is selected.
    - App, where we can find all the applications like the pages in the standard iOS (we will see this soon)
    - Radio, is the page of the music, similar as when you press home button twice: in the standard iOS is a popup under the clock, here is a whole new page, the fuctions are the same.
    - Settings, theme settings (for example HUD color, weather settings, sound on or off etc...)

    We can change the pages by swiping left or right on the screen or simply touching the label.



    The Apps screen is... the apps screen... nothing really different.
    The only difference is that we don't have the app pages but (like android) we can swipe up or down to see all apps and folders.



    This very simple screen is reached by swiping/touching on the label or by pressing home button twice.

    Not a lot to say: Track info, music controls and a fake audio wave downside (it's not the real audio wave, is only an animation).

    So here's the concept, what do you think about it?
    I dont think tha I can handle solo: I don't know Dreamboard and its programming, I'm not so good at graphics so I'm searching for helpers.
    Who wanna help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: here's the improved lock screen:


    How to set this as Theme preview?
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    great concept but you really should research and see what is actually possible with dreamboard first, some of the elements u suggest here arent possible or would be pretty hard

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    For example what? Is the radio thing?

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    The whole radio thing that would have to be sone sort of widget or something.. Not dreamboard code at least. And u cant modify the statusbar to that extent, itd be cool if u could though but its not possible to move items or resize things on there. Also the lockscreen would be pretty tricky.. Might be possible though. But if ur starting out i definetly recommend modifying an existing theme first, the simpler the better, just to learn dreamboard code because i think you will find it overwhelming to jump right into making this without knowing anything beforehand

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    Great concept, I would like to see this made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xargon View Post
    For example what? Is the radio thing?
    You cant do Activator or physical actions either, like pressing the home button to do something.

    Or sound on/off

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    Maybe you could use WB and this tweak that lets you rearrange your status bar (can't remember what it's called) for the status bar?

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    My idea for the statusbar is to hide it, and replace it by the theme itself, not to modify it.

    About the other things, well, i can remove the home button thing if it's a problem.

    About the radio button i saw that in other themes there're js files, maybe we can arrange something...

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    Hmm....great concept!

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