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Thread: Frep6 2.0! New theme!

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    Default Frep6 2.0! New theme!
    Here it is my new theme all in HD! Frep6 2.0! A mix of Endroid and Metro6 theme! Credits to: WyndWarrior (Endroid), Rigatony (Metro6), Deathbybunnies (Music Widget).

    Package includes:
    -Dreamboard with lockscreen theme
    -WinterBoard UI theme
    -WinterBoard Sounds theme
    -Color Keyboard theme
    -SBSettings theme
    -BootLogos theme

    Ps: don't look at free ram because I have a lot of tweaks installed!

    1st update: added badges on lockscreen and springboard tiles; changed youtube widget with facebook widget because of incompatibility with music widget.

    2st update: added Transparent-Gray mod: download from here if you want it, extract and substitute old files with these new! Thanks to elskon for icons! (the password is the last word of the content of the email that I send after buying)


    Video: ‪Frep6 2 0‬‏ - YouTube

    Buy it now, at least 0,99 USD cents but if you want you can donate more :
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    is this an update or a new theme!!! Got version 1.0 and don't feel like paying again for a theme that only got updated!! Didn't even get a email saying that there was a new update

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    As I wrote it is a new theme, forget the before One. And that was Free, this requires payment, there Are lots of things. You can see them in photos or video (I know, too much fast)

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    It looks very complete but I feel like it has an identity crisis because of all the things you implemented from different themes. All the separate features look great individually but I feel like it's a little overwhelming having them all together. That's just my opinion, though. Keep theming, I want to see what your next ideas are!

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    iPhoneaholic salander85's Avatar
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    Can I help you make a less choppy video?

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    Livin the iPhone Life deathbybunnies6's Avatar
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    It looks nice, but it doesn't look like it has the greatest amount of free ram
    My Themes

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Default pay
    would like to get this but the payment link is not working thanks

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    Lol yeah check your link :P

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    Can you slow down the video a little i can really tell whats going on.
    That aside it looks good i like the idea

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    I like it. Looks pretty cool. Curious to know what the WB UI looks like. If interested, I too would like to make a better video for you. Just let me know.

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    Ok just updated imagines and corrected paypal link. Now I redo youtube video and add badge to the theme thanks for your interest! ps I have installed too many tweaks, it's not my theme, infact if i disable DreamBoard I have nearly the same free ram.

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    This needs to be in Cydia, my PayPal is limited
    I need a signature, help.

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    You can pay with any system you want, not only paypal. Also the same of cydia account

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    I sent you $1 on Amazon to [email protected] .

    You need to register to Amazon to receive the $1 I sent. I have proof of purchase too.
    I need a signature, help.

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    I got amazon email but i don't have amazon now i see what do

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    you have to sign up for amazon now
    I need a signature, help.

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    done...check your paypal i just donate....

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    Themes sent, updated with icon dock badges!

    updated youtube video, now slower
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    iPhoneaholic salander85's Avatar
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    Is there an issue with the paypal link? Can't get it to load!

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