Cydia Theme Request
I want to request a theme for iPhone uses like me or just in general, but I need someone to design the theme because I can't! I have alot of ideas for more then just one theme but there is one I would really really like to see happen!!!

There is a "theme" but it's really only a wallpaper called "Dark Blue HD" and a theme called "I3's Dark" that go great together, other then the icons and wallpaper!!! Everything else is amazing!!! If possible I would like to talk to someone who designs themes so I can explain more and get it perfect! But the general idea is to combined those two together with better icons although I have WAY better ideas about what to do with a theme designed around "Dark Blue HD". I love that wallpaper and would just like to see something that goes along with it; something sharp and sleek and the all inportant dark blue!!! Can someone please help me??? I would really love to see something like that come together!!!