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Thread: [WIP] iOmni

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    Sucks .. :/
    Well, better get one which isn't limited then.

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    For 16 you sure are cracking my s*** up, never heard someone to pay without paypal before, didnt know you could!!! Thats awesome LOL

    Didnt bother reading my PM's just donated anyways..

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    Wow, this is ********. I really wanted this too. :/
    I need a signature, help.

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    sahandii, I donated, and just sent you a pm regarding what email to send the WIP theme to

  5. The Following User Says Thank You to redlambert For This Useful Post:

    sahandii (2011-07-11)

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    Got it, got the mail too, sent the theme to your mail.
    Last edited by sahandii; 2011-07-11 at 07:06 PM.

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    Is there anything i can do to get this theme? Paypal/CC isn't an option now.
    I need a signature, help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss4adib View Post
    Im really likIng it so far but just wanted to know if you're thinking of increasing the length of the pages as in allow them to scroll down. That would be cool but if not that's fine too.

    As for the music controls I don't think that's possible. Well at least not one with actual iPod music. I think deathbybunnies or someone had a HTC sensation dreamboard theme that actually had a music widget but it was limited to three tracks inside the folder for the theme.

    Sucks I know damn apple.
    Actually, you can add as many songs as you want, you just have to put it in the code

    Quote Originally Posted by Samberg865 View Post
    Is there anything i can do to get this theme? Paypal/CC isn't an option now.
    I know your pain man, i cant get this theme until i can remember my paypal's email password
    My Themes

    HTC HD2 HTC 1 HTC Sensation

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    Man this is so clean and smooth i love the user tile's animation! cant wait for more.

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    I'm just gonna unsubscribe. I hate seeing all the stuff about what I cant have
    I need a signature, help.

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    Hehe hope you'll work it out dude.

    When you buy the theme now, it will redirect you to a page, where you can download the theme
    No manually sending the theme now. :P

    - Anyways ppl, i'm thinking of hitting the bed, i'll catch ya'll later.
    Last edited by sahandii; 2011-07-11 at 06:03 PM.

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    just donated [email protected] the theme looks so thing rele buggin me though... I WANT MORE! its so sleek...the idea of the horizontal scrolling omnimo8...and the user tile...i just wish for now the 'start' app would display all apps or sth...cuz as of the moment, i cant even use the theme cuz i cant navigate to my apps good work tho! cant wait for more!!!!

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    hey, how do i get my email address to come up?

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    Yea i know dude, but trust me, i have some ideas for the start button

    You can't yet, but i have an idea about configuring tiles and so on, so it'll probably be available in the future.
    Right now, you can't really do anything else than edit the mail tile pic.

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    @sahandii,,, just donated as amibo21,,, waiting for the link,,, this theme looks so cool,, thanks

    Edit: It didnt redirect me to a link to download it,, how does this work??
    Last edited by amibo21; 2011-07-11 at 06:58 PM.

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    You should have recieved a mail with the theme now

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    Yep sorry Sahandii your mail was sent to the blocked Junk mail,, but I got it now thanks!!

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    i like the simple and cleanliness of this theme.
    but PLEASE don't overdo with the live tiles, i don't need a spinning settings tile (Sorry tyler) just keep it as clean as it is now.

    live calendar and maybe a live photo tile is a must.

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    Thank you. Well, i'm currently working on some different stuff, that i can't wait to get to work and show you guys!

    - Anyways guys, i never thought that i would be using my twitter, but follow me on @sahandii, and read my latest updates about my theme, and some other fun stuff when i'm not coding. d;


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    ok mate thank you!

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