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Thread: Endroid gingerbread mod

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    Cool GingerMod
    -preview.pngOK OK, im back to work on the them big changes and upgrades on the way and yes its still free! ive strayed away from the htc feel sorry its played out so you wont find any htc styled widgets in my theme i fixed the unlock screen glitch and lots of new images and image corrections. also working on a photo widget which is my biggest delay at this point....

    i removed all other screenshots for now due to the amount of overhual this theme keeps recieving.

    thanks for the input from u all. all has been taken into consideration.

    im uploading the second beta now the clock on the main page does not look right im modding it now but i want some input on how u think it should be formated

    download beta 2 here
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    Not bad keep going I want to see some more original work very good start though

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    Anymore updates on this?

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    Default hi
    keep it free please and keep up the good work man. this is by far my best theme. i am using the stock endroid theme with a few mods of my own but i would love to use this theme once you have more features. it looks really well for a first update. could use some improvement like the sound arrow could work and if you notice when you slide to unlock you have to put your finger a little lower then the slider to unlock it

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    Gotta figure out the coding for the sound don't even know if it's possible... The slider glitch is fixed already and will be in the next release which will be soon. Graphical and usablity updates as well.... Which widgets do u think I should include? I'm thinking google search bar for one... And animated weather and toggle to come as well... I went to school like 5 years ago for computer programing but then I switched majors n never uses it so im a bit rusty buy in getting back in the swing of it quickly

    Lol sorry for the typos damn auto correction

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    thanks for the reply and i am a huge HTc fan so i like the HTC widgets but. i like the google idea a lot. also a photo widget would be nice on the third page. like a widget that would show all of your photos as a slideshow from your camera roll. i love the theme so far man. also live wallpaper would be amazing. i think that is one thing that people love is live wallpaper. and also on the dock how you have those 2 dots on the left and right. you could have the right one open were you change your wallpaper and your animated wallpaper if you decide to add that in there and edit mode. and as for the left one as far as i know idk. but as for the weather widget and all. i dont really like the black square in the background. other people might but how do you et ride of that. and if you need any help i know some what about iphone's and all. im not no expert but shoot me a message and i can learn really quickly. thanks

    also idk if it is possible but every HTC theme i see they dont have a flip clock. like on your lockscreen how you have a HTC clock but when it changes time it doesent flip the number just kinda automatically is there. it doesent flip like HTC clocks on HTC phones. if you need any help message me. [email protected]
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    i love android 2.3 and was thinking of making some sort of gingerbread theme as my first dreamboard theme, it would have turned out terrible so im glad someone else did it, thank you.

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    ok so i have tested it out a bit and here a few buggy/things i think you should change(no offense)
    the wallpaper picker is fairly sloppy could you make it more like endroid?
    the slider for the lockscreen dosnt work too well, you have to put you finger on a small space a little bellow it for it to work
    i think the app launcher would look nice if it didnt have the "all programs" part at the top
    also the words at the bottom of the app launcher look squashed and out of place perhaps you could make them into icons
    the live weather only works on the facebook widget page if it isnt ment to work removeing this could free up ram.

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    Default hi
    i cant wait untill the new update i know it will be awesome. and the slider had already been adressed in the last post he said it will be fixed in the next update.

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    Hey guys back again new update will be in a day or two upgraded to ios 5 but now been trying to downgrade with no luck so I'm running tethered just to work on this theme

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    Default hi
    i updated to ios 5 beta 7 and love it man. keep up the good work bro

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    can someone please tell me why i,m not able to see some of the themes in DreamBoard???

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    Default hi
    did you ssh them into the wrong spot. some themes require you too put a folder in winter board or in sb settings. what theme was it ill help you out

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    i havnt tried this but i tried a few but they never work to my liking so i uninstall dreamboard...........but what i would like to know is if i can use the lockscreen instead of the iphone slider and also with androidlock???

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