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Thread: Redline by Zausser and iEFX/bAdGb Cydia Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by ks_aleks View Post
    Can you share your wallpaper plz?
    within the zipped file

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiationburn View Post
    Hey anyone I need help. My color keyboard works sand the popup works but the 'extended' popups are blank. They show in other themes but not with the Redline theme. Any help.
    They don't show because the keys are transparent. The keys on the main keybaord are in the actual image and not an overlay like in other themes which is why they don't show

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    the same Prob.
    any way to fix it?

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    I can try that. I usually use my zip, and it looked like that is what is referenced in the HTML.

    I get the code by going to yahoo weather and putting my zip in and the code with be in the http address bar?


    Quote Originally Posted by augustborn9909 View Post
    use yahoo weather code?
    That did it.

    Partly Cloudy looks like "Partly C.." I suppose due to the font size.

    Otherwise, I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Looks nice any chance of sharing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roman3001 View Post
    new try the PM...
    Hi Rum,Jak leci?
    Spoko...ale na nic czasu nie ma...

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    I Hope to see Just the background of the SE CK so we CAN use it with the Default characters Colors :-)
    Anyway here's mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzman UK View Post
    OK peeps,

    let me clear this up......

    This is how it is, i posted the SBSettings that i did and it was sent out to 11 peeps, those eleven know who they are.
    They got it because they hit that thanks button, now pardon me for saying this but i spend hours at my Mac for things like this, i don't want paying, but when Max, Pinoy, Z, Ed and a hell of a lot of others who mod on here spend there time doing stuff for free the least we expect is a thank you, nothing more, just hit the button, costs nothing.
    Now i might get flamed for posting this but it's how i feel and i had to say it.....

    Saw ur sbsettings for first time today.. Its awesome!!!! can i hv it too???

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    The files about two posts up from Rapidshare, is there a way to dowenload without having to pay $25.00?
    If I hit the free option I get a cgi file not a rasr file.

    Anyone know why I can't get the forecast to change to English in Nic's mods?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumcajs View Post
    Spoko...ale na nic czasu nie ma...
    a co sie dzieje u was...wlasnie graja dziewczyny z USA przeciw FR w Pilke mam nadzieje ze USA wygra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexy88 View Post
    Sugestion .... color css or all in white? can't decide.... :S .... any color replacement sugestion?


    Dear Dexy, any chance of sharing the weather widget? or was this been posted before and I must have missed it? Thanks

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    @Darka5sa5sin set up looks sharp! keep the white bro! I think it looks best that way. Hey bro can you please share your numeric battery percentage? Thanx a lot man. Keep up the great work!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaglianoj View Post

    Please, pleeeeease give me a copy of this! I love Ferrari and I like the weather widget and how you have it all put together. TIA!
    thanks guys really glad you guys like it I wanted to make something simple and clean and so far it's coming along just the way I want it just going to fix a few things here an there but I can't release till it's complete have work on the weather and clean it up just to make sure it runs smooth then you will see the link here trust me you guys will love it
    PLease Hit the THANKS button if I helped you out in any way

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    Cant get enough of this thread its crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLKeo View Post

    Line Calendar Widget (credit goes to LEX):


    You'll need to make a few changes, if you want the widget to look like so.
    EDIT: After unzipping the widget, be sure to double-click the Cal Springboard1 folder, then double-click Cal Springboard1 inside, and finally SSH the next "Cal Springboard1" into your device.

    1) Go into Cal Springboard1/Widgets/Calendar/StyleSheets/CalendarSB.css/here and change the /* Calendar Position */.

    It needs to be changed to right: 15px

    2) Go into Cal Springboard1/Widgets/Calendar/CalendarSB.js/here

    Only do this if you want to replace the < > in the center of the widget with a |

    Scroll down a little passed halfway and look for:

    t+='<span id="daysofweek"> < > </span>';

    Delete the < > and put a | in place. (Shown in red above)

    3) Go into Redline SB Weather.theme/Private/StyleSheets/insp.css and change the #desc and #temp.

    The #desc needs to be changed to top: 273px

    The #temp needs to be changed to top: 284px
    do u know which file needs to be edited to change the text color? I tried a few different ones but none of them worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simer_cool View Post
    Saw ur sbsettings for first time today.. Its awesome!!!! can i hv it too???
    I'd love to get a copy of it too. Its killer..

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    Redline theme for iPad ? How is E doing with that?
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    Got a question guys my badges from my icons aren't appearing anymore. My status bar icons work and I haven't changed any files or anything. Does anyone have any ideas where I should look to correct this? Under settings my notifications are all on

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    BytaFont [ v2 ]

    Photos Ultra

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I am ont really into themeing my devices, but this theme is freaking awesome. great job!

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