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Thread: "Day & Night" theme

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    Default "Day & Night" theme
    Day & Night Winterboard Theme

    Day & Night is a Winterboard theme for iPod/iPhone, it works on Retina display (iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4) as well as on "normal" display (iPod Touch3 and iPhone3GS). It will work on iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.3.3. An enabled Lockscreen Clock Hide from Cydia (free) is highly recommended to avoid double time and date on the Lockscreen.

    It is an "invisible" tap-to-unlock theme that changes the lockscreen display 4 times a day (every 6 hours), so there are 2 day backgrounds and 2 night backgrounds. The day backgrounds have a moving sun and the night backgrounds have a moving moon. The font colour of the time is set to be easily visible on any background. The scrolling text includes a greeting "Hi Gorgeous, today is...", followed by the weekday, month and year. You can replace "Hi Gorgeous" with your own greeting/name if you feel confident enough to replace that text in the LockBackground.html (there are 4 places you have to do this). Also the font colour of the scrolling text is choosen to be well visible depending on the background.

    The wallpaper will also change 4 times a day, every 6 hours. There is no dock, but I have added shelves, which are semi-transparent and are slowly changing colour. The dock-shelf is a bit less transparent and colour change goes in opposite direction.

    Other features
    The folder background has been changed to transparent background with just a golden frame. Once a folder is opened, the background changes to dark purple with golden edge. It is advisable to set the Wallpaper in Settings to one of the supplied png files, Day & Night.png and Day & [email protected], normal 320x480 and Retina 640x960. The iPhone will use that set Wallpaper when you open a folder.
    I also changed the dailer keypad to the purple/golden theme.

    After you installed the Day & Night theme you might find that the folders have not changed, that is because the "old" once are still in cache. There is an easy solution, use iFile or ssh/FTP and delete the following 4 files in /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches

    then respring, those 4 files will be recreated, but you are now able to see the folders as they were intended.


    6.00 to 12.00

    Lockscreen Wallpaper


    Lockscreen Wallpaper


    Lockscreen Wallpaper


    Lockscreen Wallpaper

    These were not taken from my iPhone, but Safari, because I did not wanted icons/folders to cover the wallpaper. So here is a screenshot with folder from my iPhone.

    The dailer looks like

    The animation of the Lockscreen and Wallpaper are best viewed with Safari web browser because of the script. Please note that the sun/moon goes over the background edge, this is intended so that the sun/moon moves out of the screen completely and does not disappear suddenly half way out.

    Available in Cydia, just search for "Day & Night".
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