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Thread: [iP4/3] LS Sleek HD

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    Presenting the long requested LS Sleek HD

    Widget Credits

    .3M's widget

    ScreenShot Credits

    ·Vinny's mushroom lock
    ·Tizzle for the Wifi Arrow.
    ·Playboy Carrier by djalai
    ·Font is Century Gothic.
    .Tuan, Mini, Magnet77, bMuncher, Alcoolgeek, Vinny and rest of IRC
    .Rest of dbar

    Weather Configuration

    .To Change Location find 'var locale' in the LockBackground.html and change it to your code. (Go to and search your location if you don't know your code)
    .To Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit find 'var isCelsius = true' in the LockBackground.html and change it to var 'isCelsius = false'

    Download Link :

    4.3.1 Fix (Thanks to iSilveri)

    SSH This transparent images to :
    LS Sleek/Folders/TelephonyUI.framework

    Donate a reasonable amount to [email protected] on paypal and I will send you a link.

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    First of all, Fix your screenshot.
    Second, donating for a lockscreen? hmmm. Some might fall for it. I wont.

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    Thanks for your opinion BuT I believe people will appreciate my work

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    Some people have issues paying $3 for a theme let alone just a lockscreen.

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    I believe people will still appreciate my work and buy it legitimately

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    This was free....wasnt it???
    Cant remember where i had ths from bt am sure never paid for it.
    Anyways wots the difference between paid one and the ones on the forums???

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    Yeah, it was free but than I needed a few bucks to buy an app on Cydia, so i decided to sell this theme

    The difference is that I fixed most of the bugs in the free ones.

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