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Thread: [User Interface] Evolution UI

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    Default [User Interface] Evolution UI

    Evolution is a complete User Interface that totally works in portrait and landscape mode. It includes Navigation Bars with buttons, Safari and iPod skin, actions buttons, alerts popups and others. It also supports biteSMS popups for quick reply !

    HD and SD versions are included in the package and it works on iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod Touch including 4G, for all versions of iOS 4.x firmware !

    Others things will be added soon...

    NOTE: The iPod theme is only in HD and it separated to the UI theme. Place it under Evolution UI in WinterBoard.

    Download it directly from Cydia via the MMi Repo !

    Thank for your support.
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    Hallo, i allready released 3 themes called Evolution OS and prepairing the release of the Evolution HD theme.
    It could be missunderstanding for users if you choose this name for your theme. Just a thought

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    Really ! I didn't know. This done since the March 1st that I gave this name at my iPod theme and since april for this UI. I had never heard of your themes, yet I'm in the customisation since the first iPhone...

    If I specifies that this has nothing to do with your themes ? It suits you ?

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    So i personally have no problem with Evolution UI, just thought this could be missunderstanding for some users. As said i released three paid SD themes in 2010 called Evolution OS 1-3 and sold more than 2.000 copies. You can find them all at Cydia store and the new HD theme is coming soon too

    Anyway you've done a nice job.

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    i dont mean this in a rude way whatsoever but it looks a lot like UI Revamped.

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    If you could do a dialer I would buy this theme from you.

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    It's precisely what is planned for the next update as well as keyboards. I'll try to find time to do that this week...


    I don't see in What it looks at revamped ui. It is light blue, without gloss while the mine is petrol blue / dark gray with a different gradient and with gloss effect...


    I'll change the name with my next update. Ok ?

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    Thumbs up Looks great but...
    Hey I really like what you've done but I have one quick question. The screenshots on cydia look like there is a different base theme than in the ones above. I really like the way it looks on the repository, especially the status bar, and I was wondering what theme you are showing with the ui in the repo screenshots. Thanks and great work.

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    Sorry for the delay ... You're right, the screenshots that are in cydia are not all good. Only the two first are correct, the two others do not match. I make a requesting for change them but it didn't work. An update come very soon, it will be done at this moment I think...


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    I've updated Evolution UI !

    - Added a Dialer theme
    - Added Tab Bars
    - Added Tab Bars Buttons
    - Added various things

    Coming soon... Switcher buttons, search bar and more !

    Thank at all.

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    LOVE the dialer. Could you tell me what Icon and Statusbar theme you have in the screenshots? They go very well with this UI. Thanks Kayz. Keep this up.

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    Thank you !

    The notifications icons are the originals of LockInfo. For the wifi and cell signal, you can find them on MacThemes here => MacThemes Forum / [Status Bar] Signal icons HD/SD (Black Version 1.2 Update)

    The status bars are not customized. It's the originals ! Except one which is part of a lockscreen that I did. You can find it on my deviantART page ! here => Kayz-R on deviantART

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    Thanks! What icons are in that screen shot with the dock in it?

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    This is icons of the Genesis theme !

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    wrong forum
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    Is this ever going to get updated to iOS 5?

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