MacThemes Forum / [theme] Glasklart HD 1.8.1 - Read First Post! Includes Black Icons Fix

I think Glasklart is a amazing theme. I also know it comes with a pretty good selection of icons to match the theme.

I've checked out macthemes, and from what I've read, the theme creator somewhat regularly scans the thread post and adds new icons. However, it's been awhile since Glasklart Hd 1.8.1 was released. Has anyone known or found any incompatibilities with iOS 4.3.3?

I've also seen that often, although the theme is supposed to work on iPad, there are very very few iPad icons included or posted on the official thread. Does anyone know of any other location for finding a good set of more current iPad icons for the theme?

I would also like to know on Winterboard, which theme selections, and in the correct order on the list is needed to get the theme to look the best overall? I've read that which selection is above or below certain others changes things because one can override changes made on the next?

Lastly, does anyone can a recently updated copy of Glasklart 1.8.1, with the latest icons on the thread above, with the icon bundle folders with correct icon naming? If so, would you zip it and post it up on Mediafire or Megaupload?

Thanks again peoples.