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Thread: Heavy Metal HD

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    Quote Originally Posted by storyr View Post
    I can confirm it's working. This is what I see when I change the settings.xml language to Italian, like this:


    The translation uses the language file located in the theme/language folder...
    How do I do any of this? I'm a complete noob and I wanna change weather location in Storyr's Heavy Metal HD theme, and don't even know where to start...plz can someone lead me in the right direction.

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    I went the thread 3 times up and down but couldn't see a hint on how to change graphics for the time indicators, mine are still square but I see in screenshots different ones.
    Any kind soul can direct me please.
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    I love the theme but got a little bit of a problem:

    When I go to springboard the theme is perfect. When I open an folder. The Background from the apps is still correct with the theme. But the background of the folder is my older background.


    Yfrog Photo : - Shared by MelleSmid
    Yfrog Photo : - Shared by MelleSmid

    I don't want the old background. Makes the theme ugly

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    I cant seem to see the clock, i have installed it and changed my loction

    i have downloaded this theme but did not get the widget... were can i dwnld the widget from
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    How do I change the folderbackground to the theme background?

    I got now this Iphone default background. How do I change that in OpenSSH / Ifile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhStRdR2k View Post
    Here is a background for FolderEnhancer I put together. It should be named "[email protected]" and goes in "" (This image works on the 1.3.0-1 version of FolderEnhancer, I dont think it will work on older versions.)

    And this it what it looks like in action.

    How do I set this up? I did put the [email protected] file in But it don't change. How do I set it up with folderenchancer? My folderEnhancer version 1.3.4-1.

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    Hello guys,

    For me it is clearly the best theme ever made for Iphone/Ipod.
    Great work!

    I have a question: how to insert the name of the city above the weather as did Ramses2?

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    Hi all... First of all thank you for such a nice theme... But I have a problem. My Camera and Photo icon doesnt change with the theme. And I have them in ifile under but it doesnt show on my springboard... Can someone teach me how to make it work. Sorry for the long post.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    That was the wery first theme i got ! from itheme Sky if i remember right...

    Good to see you here Storyr !

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    Default Help
    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasigraphic View Post
    To find country code go to for example and type in your city and country in search and in the address bar you see the code.

    Example below is your city/country

    See How Easy that is!

    That fixed it!!! Thanks!
    I have tried the above but does not work. Can anyone help me out? Mine is Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur MYXX0008.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default folders
    hey, i just put the original design on my ipod touch 3, firmware 4.3.1. Unfortunately, the folder icons did not change and i cannot figure out how to change them..

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    Default ipod touch problems
    the music and the video app is not themed.
    could someone tell me how to fix this?

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    any chance someone can re up that androidlock theme?

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    Dear All,

    Anyone can assist in creating the Lockscreen wallpaper (2 big circles in the center) with only 2 Big circles and without any boxes and wording ? I prefer it to be metallic and neat. Thanks in advance.

    Dear lao3hero,

    Possible to add only the 2 big circles (Lockscreen Wallpaper) into your plain metallic wallpaper with Dock. I will be greatly appreciate. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by lao3hero View Post
    Here's the wallpaper I made wif my noobish skills, if y'all use it, pls click on "thanks"

    PS. original wallpaper was by Storyr

    @Storyr: sorry I forgot to credit u! :P

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    Dear All,

    Can anyone assist to change the wallpaper from lao3hero with addition 2 big circles for the hours and minutes rotation. It will be similar to the Heavy Metal Lockscreen but without those boxes and wording. Thanks alot and greatly appreciated.

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    Default help me, please
    Sorry again,
    since I have tried everything and the weather I do not work (I've seen that does not find information and crashes, but it works the clock).
    -start.png POWER ON (no weather)
    -update.png (I don't know when updating weather, not work very well, not all txt)
    I saw the pictures posted are complete.
    There would be someone who could repost this theme:
    end this lockscreen:

    thank you very much and sorry for my english
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