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Thread: COD Nazi Zombies HD

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    Default COD Nazi Zombies HD
    COD Nazi Zombies HD

    That's Right your favor brain eating zombies are back and coming in HD for the iPhone 4.


    Submitted to modmyi repo on 12/21/10 waiting approval
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    I can't wait. Easter eggs!!!!

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    Wow. Finally a real COD theme not like any of that sh*t in cydia. Thank you!

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    nice One

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    Quote Originally Posted by tower19d View Post
    I can't wait. Easter eggs!!!!
    Yes Easter eggs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    Wow. Finally a real COD theme not like any of that sh*t in cydia. Thank you!
    my theme was a Complete MW2 theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArDottCeeDuble;
    my theme was a Complete MW2 theme.
    Sorry didnt mean to offend. I was just referring to all the crappy COD themes that were just like random wallpaper themea someone found on google and slapped on a few radom images for icons. I do like your theme though but its just like how theres a bunch of crappy android wallpaper themes in cydia but at MMi theres a few that are just awesome hardcore perfect complete replica android themes with widgets and all. Your theme is pretty awesome but I just love the textures and custom dialer in this theme. Your theme may be complete and have a lot of themed elements that go great together but this is really the first COD theme that really has a custom UI that I gotta say looks damn sexy (:
    Keep up the good work

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    How do I get this amazing theme?

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    So it's December 13th and I've checked everywhere I could think of, so how am I supposed to get this theme?

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    I would like to first apologize to everyone for not releasing my theme on my intended date. I even blew off my girlfriend the weekend before, to have the theme ready for release on the same day as black ops. To her and everyone else, Iím sorry. I still plan to release my theme once I take care of the troubling matters I now face. I put a lot of time and effort into my themes and my first theme wasnít the best by any means but it still took a lot of my time to create. The weekend before the intended release date I discovered two things. People ripping off my old theme and passing it off as their own. Not only passing it off as their own, but also using parts of it in app on the apple app store. There was no credit giving, there was no permissions given.
    My original theme COD Nazi Zombies

    The first @ss hat! Shervin

    Shervins Nazi Zombie theme Ö. On cydia
    The biggest @ss hat! Thief ÖDan Sinclair

    He took my icons and probably the UIsounds to make his little crappy soundboard app. If it was a free app not such a big deal just give me some credit since I basically gave him all the pieces to put together his app. Since Mr. Sinclair is selling pieces of my theme, my time, my work. I just canít have that happen. Iíve sent emails to all partyís including Apple legal to clear this up. I havenít received any replies from anyone at this point. So as you can see Iím stuck and pissed off. Iím not going to do any public release right now. Iíve work to hard and spent so much of my personal time on this theme to have it ripped off again. I can totally see Dan Sinclair updating his app with all my new icons if I publicly release this theme. So to make a long story short thank Shervin and Dan Sinclair for f-ing up everything.

    I will consider a few people to test the theme and give me feedback of possible changes. If you want to be one of those persons send me a PM.

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    Theme submitted to modmyi for approval on 12/20/10
    It just might be a Zombie filled Christmas this year.

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    So how long does it take modmyi to approve of a theme?

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    Default Sick theme!!
    I'm dieing to buy ur theme when can I make it happen?

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    Modmyi rejected this theme. Said it wasn't professional enough to charge for. I've tested some of the theme, they are F-ing crazy. Lividian put alot of work into it, and it is awesome. Not sure what they're smokin.

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    Can i still get this theme from lividian1 if i contact him?i would so buy this theme off him to have it personally!

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    Wheres lividian1 at im trying to contact him. I would cash him out for that damn theme seriously!! I have to have it..

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