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Thread: All Black HD

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    Default All Black HD
    I present you All Black HD

    here's my website for more information and for full version
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    classy , yes, but effective.

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    when will the full versions be ready???

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    it's ready. visit my website.
    but it's only in version 0.1 because there are not many icons yet.

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    Just purchased All Black HD @ Cydia.
    Great work!

    Problem is, the app store apps like Whatsapp (which you've provided icons for) are not completely transparent (the icon backgrounds can be seen behind your black icons).

    How can we fix this, so your bundled icons look like the awesome system icons ?

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    To prevent some of the icons from showing up against a black graphic, please follow these steps.

    1. Connect to your device using SSH or use the iFile app on your iOS device (free download from Cydia).

    2. Navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileIcons.framework/

    3a (for iPhone) Rename "[email protected]" to something else, such as "[email protected]".

    3b (for iPad) Rename "AppIconMask-72.png" to something else, such as "AppIconMask-72-backup.png".

    4. Open WinterBoard and reselect the Icons package and Respring. If you don't see any changes yet, try to reboot your device.
    Now you icons should show up correctly. A side effect of this change is that unthemed icons will become square since they can't find the mask image. Unfortunately, at this time this is the only solution. I'm hoping for a fix in WinterBoard, if that's where the limitation lies.

    If you want to stop using black-ups, simply change the png file back to it's original name.

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    Excellent, thanks for the quick reply.

    Didn't actually work for me with the above, but I also renamed the Appiconoverlay and .....shadow (@2X) and it worked a charm.

    Can you possibly create an icon add-on pack for more apps please ?

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