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Thread: Newbie asking

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    First of all I would like to say a big hello to all of you:-), as this is my first post ( or last if it goes wrong!! hehe). I've had a iPhone 3GS before *but not jailbroken as I only got it beginning of this year and was all new to the iPhone thing, so I just kept it simple for me to get to know how to use. Anyway 5 mths later apple decided to bring out iphone4 out by now I'm already hearing about people jailbreaking and I want some!!!!, So I went out and bought myself a iphone4 and jailbroken it with jailbreakme. Now my post is what are the rules in "does and don'ts" in jailbreak land and best things to do to jailbroken iphone4 and *the steps how upgrade *to latest version.

    Yes I am a newbie, but I'm proud of it :-)))))*

    And I'm not *** so for all of you asking me out it's a NO!!!! :-0

    Thank you to all replying*

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    Not exactly the most appropriate place to post this thread as this is the section for "iPhone 4 New Skins / Themes". Not trying to be mean or sound harsh, its just that people really need to learn to read and search a bit before creating unnecessary threads like these.

    As for your question, reading these might help you:
    Check out my theme Réalité HD: Here!
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    If your on 4.0.1 jailbroken , install WinterBoard and browse this site for all the themes they have to offer !

    In my opinion xhd is a personal favourite Classified HD is sick too.

    Does & Donts.

    1. Dont piss off either of the bosses
    They would be Zausser and barsoverbeats.

    2. Laugh at floppy_joes jokes even if there not that funny.

    (Floppy if your reading this im jk )

    Follow those 2 and your set !

    Welcome to ModMyi

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    #1 Rule, DO NOT UPDATE UNtil it has been confirmed by Chronic Dev Team that it is safe to do so.

    #2 Rule Have an iTunes Backup Saved , in case something does go wrong, you have your important info saved.

    #3 Rule There are no more rules

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