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Thread: fiftyfootshadowsHD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh Yock View Post
    Running 4.01. Deleting all 4 worked, but having them in a separate theme enable resulted in no problems. Odd.
    I may have skinned them incorrectly - the size of the images may matter for folderenhancer. If you can copy the images from the theme that works, it should work.
    out of touch

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    Hi, firstly, kudos to the author of this magnificent theme! VERY easy for a noob(hi) to follow, and looks great.
    Question.. I Was wondering how I may add my own additional icons and wallpaper to the transitions? Also, would there be a way to add a tasteful large clock(any suggestions?) to the home screen?


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    thank you so much for this theme has to be the best i have seen. it looks great on iso4

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    just rediscovered this theme! is there a updated icon pack?

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    I love this theme so much, i told all my friend to get it. Thanks so much for the hard work.

    also can i request some icon please

    Angry birds
    infinity blade
    dungeon defenders
    real racing


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    I love this theme also. I made some icons but they don't match up perfectly with the theme's original icons in terms of transparency and shading. But once installed it's not really noticeable in appearance from the original icons:

    bdinh71's icon pack

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    Love this theme!

    I am having problems getting the folder's to display properly though. They show up with a gray bg no matter how I try to SHSH the clear icon into the theme folder. Perhaps i've missed something?

    Also, any time I close down an app and return to the springboard, it continues to cycle through the same 3 images (14, 15, and 16) over and over. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for your work
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    ^ I'm actually having the same problem with this theme too...but I've just kinda gotten used to it. Hopefully storyr is able to think up some kinda fix

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    I did a reboot and all of the icons went back to a stock icon. I wiped cache and nothing happened. Any idea what happened?

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    can i stop the slide of background? iwant to disable it


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    Is there a way to get rid of the widget at the bottom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh Yock View Post
    I've been having problems with scrolling in FolderEnhancer, and it's not because of the Page Dots. It only happens when this theme is installed. Thoughts?
    I am using FolderEnhancer and don't see a problem. Could you describe the problem in more detail so I can look out for it?

    Note: I like the page dots so I enable it to display on mine. Not sure if it's related but I thought I would mention it.

    Lastly, I updated to 4.2.1 and noticed a few icons not theming properly. Namely: camera, photo, maps.

    I noticed that Apple may have move and renamed these icons.

    Camera is now at: and the default names are Icon.png and [email protected]

    Photo is still at, however the icons are named icon.png and [email protected]

    Maps continue to reside at but the default "i" in it's icon.png is now capitalized: Icon.png and [email protected]

    *resolved*[email protected] isn't working for me in I need to figure out how to resolve this. Let me know if you guys have any ideas.*resolved*

    Edit to add:

    Ok, found the source of the issues. The bundle name is still the same, however, Apple renamed some of the icons to add a ~iphone to the file name. I guess it's a change with 4.2.1 to differentiate future iOS model specific icons. Anyways, because of these changes...the current theme doesn't render properly.

    So on iPhone4, you have to rename at least the following files:
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    Quote Originally Posted by MindGem View Post
    No, I have not installed this theme. Would you please tell me the point? ( I'm not trying to argue!!! )
    I made a video demonstrating the theme in action:


    I recorded at 15 frames per sec, so excuse any choppiness. Hope it helps some.

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    Beautiful theme, so tranquil.

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    Fantastic theme!

    Thank You!

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    storyr having an issue with the theme. I've 72 slides in my themes now and when I boot up the phone I see all of em over time but when my phones been on for 2-3 hrs my theme repeats just the last couple of slides and doesn't do the whole 1-72 cycle. Idk why it is. I've tried changing the time several times but still no luck. You think I'm just adding way too many slides? Or can we change a few things?

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    ^ Same thing happened to me. It always seemed to be the same few slides as well, and no matter how I changed them around, it would always do that after awhile. I tried posting about it on here but no one responded, so I decided to ditch it.

    I would really love to use this theme again, but haven't figured out how to fix this either :/ Hope storyr reads this

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    Hmm is this theme getting an update? I tried making an icon for pandora radio but i still get a black mask around it after i renamed the "appiconmask" etc. any suggestions?

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    I wish this theme would get updated.

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    I know me too, i started making my own icons if anyone here has any requests ill try my best.

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