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Thread: Floppy Weather Mods, Tweaks n stuff..

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    Default Floppy Weather Mods n stuff
    Why the weather? I agree with you, especially here in socal. Weather doesn't change. Ironically I started doing weather mods because I get bored looking at the same sbringboard all the time. Themes are great but still same thing all day. Ibnyaffa had moved on and I started using more sb style themes from bars and at the time nobody was making weather so I took my old yaffa ones made for carbon and x mostly and figured out ways to make weather blend in with themes. Moved onto photo style, my favorite is still where the weather images span across and under icons. Then I started have backgrounds rotate behind the weather icon based on time of day. Again to have something different to look at throughout the day. Now there is slideshow widgets. I applied this concept to the 1st twilight theme. Then came i0s4 and the ip4, took a little break. Then everyone talked about using weather widgets with the hires wallpaper. So I figured out that it worked by using HTML to pull the wallpaper. By then, wim66 was doing his thing, now he's everywhere. Before you know it everyone is modding the weather. Downloadeous Maximus started and I remember getting an email from bars saying "hey dude check the thread, why is dm trying to do you?" I said great let's make better weather together, got MrBass involved for some advanced coding, we all bounced ideas off of eachother. Where could i go from there? Enough people making weather themes that had been done. In comes weatherbabes! Also larger hd images for the lockscreen, hours of searching, made exclusive for class hd, couldn't share it because it used lockscreen images and coding paid for by bars even though Zausser posted basically the same lock free for xhd, then ported babes for xhd.
    Came up with and gave the weatherflow idea to wim to make. Z left and I wanted to slowly dissolve. Then iNZTHD came and when I see things my mind makes pictures that I have to make happen. So now the fine line between simple elegant weather which I prefer but dm is making well and my older mods are still being made to look well with any theme, to making unique mods that are different. Now i've come full circle, found yaffa in badgb and zombied his latest. How's that for an answer?

    ElitePro HD Style with ExxtraSauce
    with ExxtraSauce

    Get it from cydia. Cydia version will have regular weather images (yawn)

    If you like and want to help you can find images for me to use based on babes and weather. NO NUDITY, keep it Classy, PSD included in image pack.

    The Lockscreen code and design was made by Master K. Nitsua for that theme.

    Combining Lockscreen & Weather Widget plus date/time configuration options coded by MrBass

    I give credit to Ibnyaffa because it was his original weather widgets that I started modding and although the code has been changed, merged and morphed with others his name still shows in the tags.

    As always I dont expect a dime but a little would help me justify to my wife why I have spent the last two weeks browsing sexy pics on the computer. . Tough job.
    Here is some of the original floppy weather mods

    Attached an update for weather babes.
    Copy INTO your existing weatherlock.theme

    10/2- One html, configure everything in config.js, including weather images showing in either frame.
    - new text alignment
    - new Master K. Nitsua Slider
    -further organizing
    Previous fixes:
    -Fixes the day displaying wrong. Thanks to aphouser. Funny I was too busy looking at the rest of the screen.
    -Adds another LockBackgroundweatherfront.html. Just rename to LockBackground.html (backup) to enjoy weather in 2d. No longer neccessary
    -Other cleaning.
    Update is useless without the actual theme from Bars directly or Cydia.

    Soon from Z for XHD
    Soon from Wim for EliteProHD

    Twilight mods. iNZTHD theme by Zausser and K Nitsua

    Inzthd wEATHER MOD


    A vERSION TWEAKED BY mAX PAIN, No analog clock adds date and time




    And Finally

    Simpler weather, thanks to DM for shape layer and psd.

    The coding and weather images were done by Ibnyaffa and Ecko666 with the BadGB team, i simply ported it to iNZTHD

    All of these have the weather Icon that of course changes due to weather but Also backdrop images change throughout the day. N-Joy. I dont do it for money and the only reason I bring this up is due to pm's asking me for my paypal email. If you want you can pm me for my email address. That is all.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_1678.png  
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    it's about time!!! Nice!! email me bro. Cant find your email again!!!

    wow... great idea! snow on the girl and wind through the hair. You crazy bro.
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    Awesome and very sexy

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    Forgot to mention, there will also be the normal weather scenes

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    Just crazy... Plain old crazy!! Great job Joe

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    meh likes

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    was hopin to add you to the lineup. perhaps ice?

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    Hey Joe
    Are you still working on a wallpaper version or just the lockscreen one. And it looks awesome. Nice idea even though im sure my wife will rip my balls of if another woman is telling me the weather ;o)

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    this is made for the lock but the springboard version is easy, just use the 4x4 mod but update it with the images that will be in this, babes or regular.

    sounds like its Cold or thunderstorms at your house

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    nice dude i want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a thread by floppy! woohoo!

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    This is so cool. I hope it gets released soon

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    Unfortunately I am finding it difficult (although enjoyable) searching for images that I can relate to all the different weather descriptions. I know there must be some good sites with models in different shots like cold, with ice etc but I can't find them. Also things like hail and sleet will be even harder to find.
    I'll probably just have bars send out the ls with the regular weather images for now

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    Awesome idea!

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    Nice and classy, who's the windy model?

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    not sure, she was a one night stand

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    Quote Originally Posted by floppy_joe View Post

    Seeing who would be interested.
    This will be an add-on theme for ClassHD by barsoverbeats

    The Lockscreen was made by Master K. Nitsua for that theme.

    Major thanks to MrBass for putting the codes together for me.

    If you like and want to help you can find images for me to use based on babes and weather. NO NUDITY, keep it Classy

    Will also have regular weather scenes
    So it's been posted here; I thot you would post it in Class HD's thread. Excellent job, Floppy!

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    Very nice. My wife may kill me as well
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    Any eta on when we can get this awesome mod floppy.

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    I knew you would get around to this. Tell rob to hury up with the graphics so I can get my hands on the code. I gotta get it switched so that the babes are in front. :/

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    Bars has it. Unfortunately not with the babes though. I need more babes

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