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Thread: Xhd [Release]

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    Quote Originally Posted by x2dope View Post
    I looked into this and I have a in bundles and a in Folders. There is an [email protected] in both of those folders. If you can make sure you have both of these folders and make sure the icon is in both as well, that should take care of the problem. After you make the changes unselect the theme in winterboard and reselect it so the changes take effect.
    Downloaded your update and replaced the necessary files. Everything works/is skinned properly except my Photos folder as well as the notification badges. "[email protected]" works fine, but "[email protected]", "[email protected]", and "[email protected]" don't seem to be. Also, in which folder is the Photos icon supposed to be located?

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    the photos icon is in and the icon is named [email protected]

    the notification badges [email protected] is in BUT you need a SBBadge.png in that folder as well so copy, rename the [email protected] file to SBBadge.png and put it in the folder.

    I've never seen the [email protected]",and "[email protected] on my actual phone so I didnt think to make sure they are skinned. They are probably in the same boat as the [email protected], they probably need the @2x and the non 2x.png file in the same folder. If that doesnt work I will look into it further. how can i get the [email protected]", and "[email protected] to show on my springboard so i can make sure they are themed?

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    Awesome, thanks for the help The Closebox and SBBadgeExclamation should be in the XHDetail_Package download in the first post. I edited some of the icons in PS to go with a bit darker look, I'll post up when I get some more time.

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    Have there times a trifle found and do not get it away

    So if I get a missed call my slider disappears but the mirror is still there as you can see the two images (works but the slider). The question now is what I do about it? (ios is 4.2.1)

    Without this call:

    By phone call:

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    Default xhd 4.2.1
    on my iphone, you cant change the default picture on the lockscreen and theres no slider... ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX IT?! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    I cant download the xhdz addon it will show me the error 103 forbidden

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    Here is an XHD Folder Enhancer I did a mod on....
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    Default can't download this file...
    Quote Originally Posted by daarcadian00 View Post
    MBEx Xhd.7z

    here try to download it again n put in ur theme n select it in ur winterbaord

    ardot can u take a screenshot bro
    can't download this file...

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    Quote Originally Posted by karoonchai View Post
    can't download this file...
    I posted a mirror here.

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    a few icons and other things even know this forum is more than dead :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by x2dope View Post
    even know this forum is more than dead :-)
    Sad too, this is my absolute favorite theme of every one I have ever used or made. Love it, just love it.

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    oops i forgot one :-(
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    so blkcadi i was looking through this thread and saw a pic you posted of someone...possibly you giving Ronald McDonald head lol....was that you in the pic?

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    Thanks gang. FYI EF is helping me get this theme 4.2.1 ready! Big thanks to him.... May even get back to this theme with updates soon!!! Been a while!

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    twittelator Icon and Load screen...I put it in Folders/
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    How about my little cube for XHD!
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    Hi guys! Does anyone know how to skin cydia apps?

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    Thin Icon Request to get this thread rollin once more.

    Toggle SSH

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    here r a few u requested....i dont have the pics to make icons for the others
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    nice! Still like these xhdz icons!

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