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Thread: [ Release ] TrueGlass HD

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    Thanks jack...
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaserph View Post
    All anyone needs is to read the thread to get to the truth, I didn't turn anything around for the record. I'm just making a point and that is all this could have already been sorted out for everyone. As far as free themes, all my themes are paid, some donated several times and donate even on free themes because I respect the work. If you learn to treat others with respect you get respect back. And the screenshots to show you this could have been done already, again. In any case, I still wish you good luck in finishing the theme if only for yourself and those you deem worthy of your work. Lost all interest anymore. Have a great journey Jack. Done.
    yes just to clear up any confusion
    that this person keep's bringing up

    this was the beta version
    as i did not want any money for it
    as i sad before
    i did not have Pay Pal set up
    and i thought im not taken any moneys for a beta as it will be full of bugs
    as still is the case at the min

    the theme will be up to the latest Ispw ware when im done making it

    now im not having a go at any one
    im past caring but this person has a copy free from me
    as he and others were to TEST

    Iv just had a e mail from Z

    Dont bother what people say

    Put out a BELTER of a theme



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    If that's your donation you can keep ask for it back
    Right now do I make my self CLEAR

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    Here's your donation jack, heaven forbid I "stole" a copy of a theme I had already paid for by donation to the actual creator before it was even released for beta. Feel free to ask him. No sweat.
    Confirmation number: 0JN82631WK2369909. [email protected]

    Mine is already running on 5.1.1 finished with Jay's original package in a day's work, with GPS widgets by myself, so again there's nothing I want from you. I hope this ends your dialogue about me. You've been paid, thanks for nothing.

    That's what most themers ask for a full, complete theme. Check EPHD2012 or Se7en, Faith, on and on. I paid what I pay for a full theme, $3.00, for your unfinished mess. Done.
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    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity

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    your just making a fool of your self
    as once more what you have is a beta

    who is insulting now
    if you were in front of me trust me you wood not be calling me Jack
    i no that for a fact

    so you and you dummy mates get off the thread

    go and get your money back i will not accept it Period


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    As requested....................

    It's really sad that people can not agree to disagree and the end result is closing an awesome theme thread.
    Take a look at what happened here, think about it. If you have an issue with someone, take it to PM's, not a public thread, my goodness guys.
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