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Thread: [Preview/WIP] iPhOSXne 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrotolo View Post
    how do you think this will work with sbrotator??
    Because SpringJumps don't work yet, I am using three category folders for the Finder menu, dashboard, and Macintosh HD. I don't have SBRotator, but I don't think it works with categories, so I'm guessing landscape orientation would not work.

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    Looks sick.

    Dashboard on Mac includes calendar, weather, clock and calculator. Maybe add compass and voice memos from the iphone's Utilities folder to dashboard on the i4 version? Just to get rid of "misc" items.

    I don't care either way, it looks amazing regardless.

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    awesome job , ill definitely check it out once released.

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    hey, just a suggestion. but have you ever seen the superman cartoon? no? well in one of the clips i can remember he looks through this wall and its like a clear circle and then sort of fuzzy solid... do you get what i mean? i was just thinking it could be like that for the folders so like the apps are inside the folder and your like looking through the front into the center where the apps are... sorry if you dont understand me :P
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    Any updates on this one?

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    I finished the instructions and just need to make the lockscreen wallpapers.
    I also made a more advanced "pro" edition that uses Folder Enhancer to make this a one page theme. I haven't written the instructions for that version, though.

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    does it work with sbrotator ?

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    when will it be realeased ?
    im so excited !!

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    Just in case you don't know, SPRINGJUMPS HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!

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    I am awaiting this theme.

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    Is this an dead project?

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    sweet theme when will it be released?

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    Hows this coming along?
    I would love this on my soon to be 4.2 JB i4


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    The initial release is now available! Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions if you encounter problems.

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    very nice. You did an awesome job. thank you
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    Thanks a lot! The best os x theme for the iPhone!

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    Thanks but i was a bit confused on the second part of your instructions and the instructions arent exactly accurate with the downloaded folders, but ima try to wing it lol

    EDIT: Bricked my phone kinda, lol had to restore and re-jailbreak..damn. Ima give it another shot. I know what i did, i renamed my applications folder and it killed my phone.
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    Wow SirTimothy, theme looks awesome on the phone!

    Install went fairly smooth thanks to your instructions.

    There was one install note I had:
    Created a separate folder called iPhOSXne.theme, put "Bundles", "Catagories", "UIImages" from the "Advanced Setup" in it, then ssh'd that into var/stash/themes.
    Then took the remaining folders (wallpaper themes) and ssh'd them to the same location.

    Last few items I'm looking to resolve are:

    1) I have no "Finder Theme" to select in Categories.
    2) The icons in the "Finder" and "Dashboard" folders will not hide (even when manually trying to hide them). Hopefully my first note resolves this.
    3) No Mac HD Icon, just the Folder Enhancer folder(which looks great, BTW).

    Thanks again for your amazing work!
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