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Thread: Loading wallpapers into default settings wallpaper

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    Default Loading wallpapers into default settings wallpaper
    I posted this in the Classified HD thread but figured I'd post it in the forum for anyone who doesn't follow that theme...

    For anyone that is interested, I found a neat little trick for the wallpapers...

    Personally, I can't stand saving wallpaper (WP) images in my photo album (this is a general thing, not directed at this specific theme). I like to keep my photo album for just that, photos. It's just annoying when I sync my photos with iPhoto and everything and WP images get mixed in with the real photos.

    Well, if you venture into /var/stash/Wallpaper/iPhone you will see the files for all of the stock iPhone wallpapers that you find in Settings. After a good bit of trial and error, I found that it is possible to upload the WP into this folder and it will then display them alongside the stock WPs in the settings folder. In order to do this, the WPs must have the same style title as the stock ones, ie. [email protected] To my knowledge it can only be numbers before the [email protected]", but I am not sure how many digits the numbers can have. Everything I've tried so far works to values 300 and below. As far as the thumbnails go, it's not required to have them for your uploaded WPs as the iPhone will automatically create thumbnails of the WP page in Settings (really it just displays a 150x150 section of each WP), but there will be a tremendous lag when trying to view the WPs. THe stock WPs have thumbnails with dimensions 150x150. For mine, I just resized the WPs down to 150x225 and then the phone fits it to the thumbail size and there's negligible lag caused from the additional WPs. This does cause for the thumbnails to be squished vertically, but I was not too concerned b/c they're just thumbnails.

    The attached zip file has 27 or so WPs from this thread that I went ahead and renamed and created thumbnails for if anyone wants to try it out or tinker with it.

    If there are any pointers or tips on simplifying this please share them. I am by no means an expert in this kind of stuff and mostly just learn these types of things by trial and error.

    *I had already deleted a bunch of the stock WPs that I knew I would never use on my phone (pink camouflage?!?!) way before I tried this incase anyone wonders why the list of stock WPs is not complete.

    Wallpapers & Thumbnails

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    This is a great tip. Thanks for all the wallpapers!

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