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Thread: AfterHours-HD

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    This looks sooo good, it's a must have!!!
    Great work!

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    FreeApple (2010-09-11)

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    Thanks for an awesome theme!!!!! It really looks nice I do have a little problem and maybe you could help me out. I am using a iPhone 4 with your beta installed and everthing seems to be working great but 2 things, #1 I can't for the life of me get the weather to display even on the stock file, I edited the configure.js to 'pensacola, fl' and still nothing it never has showed any weather it's just n/a at the top. #2 I am using the user background on the lock screen and the slider isn't lining up on the bottom.... Thanks with any help, especially the weather it's driving me crazy not getting it to work! keep up the great work and god bless!!

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    FreeApple (2010-09-11)

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    Well for some reason some ppl including myself are having issues with the weather widgets working on the homesceen...on 4.0 users not just iphone4=(

    I am current working on fixing this and can assure ou the one that will be on Cydia for $1.99 will be working! =)

    This widget works flawlessly on the lockscreen and I suggest you do that if its not working you must have something incorrect in the configureMe.js

    Submission has been help back now that Cydia and Rock are grouping togather =( sorry not much I can do! Expect real soon though AS SOON AS I GET THE OK FROM KYLE I WILL SUBMITT!

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    Cydia and rock grouping is going to cause soooo many problems.. i Just know it lol. Well once everything is settled in then maybe we can have a cydia without the crazy reloads and with a better look. eh?

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    dont woryy ppl were working on a fix and big thanks to Kyle the owner of MMI and Saurik for trying to make the transistion as smooth as possible and we will see some of rocks features in Cydia soon !

    Hopfullly well have more options later but for now this is what we have lets make the best of it!

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    Hyllapa (2010-09-12)

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    Ok I have a little more info for everybody on this! I will submitt to Cydia by the end of the Week =) '

    No more wait lets get this up and moving! Thanks to everybody for their support and I hope we can get winterboard updated real soon so you can have the HD UI working too! Iam telling you its a little different from the original but WAY WAY BETTER! I obviously have yet to see it on device besides the loader but wow its looking real clean I am anxious to see what you all think! =)

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    bigco504 (2010-09-24)

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    This will be submitted to Cydia tonight ! =) you should see this live in Cydia within a week as Iam told! This package is going to be updated regulary and will also have color schemes eventually just like the original! This theme I had more opertunies and more ability with the high res so I am more pleased with this. $1.99 is the price for new users and Free for people who already purchased the original! Expect to see the AfterHours Nav Add On theme to follow shortly after for .99 cents which is well worth it in my opinion!

    Thanks for all the support and thanks to all beta testers for helping me get this out this fast! Thanks!

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    Hyllapa (2010-09-18)

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    I have to bump this up ....It has been submitted but not yet accepted! I hope real soon! If I dont hear from Kyle within a couple days I will PM him to make sure everything is OK ~ =)

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    donation is been send

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    I sent you the link bro! if you need anything or help just let me know!=) Thanks for the donation it is very much appreciated! I hope to get this live on Cydia soon!

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    What happend with the release???

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    Yea...when is this gonna come out?....

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    I submitted Weeks ago! I am going to write Kyle right now and see what I did wrong or if there is some sort of issue...Iam sorry I just got down to TX from my big move...I will get things up and running real soon! thanks=)

    Wohhhooo just wrote kyle and he already has it accepted an live on cydia!!!!=)

    kyle is the man!

    Afterhours-hd is now live on cydia!
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    Ehh... What am missing here? I can't find it...

    Never mind!
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    I tried to purchase the theme after-hours hd in cydia, cuz it's there now. But when I click on the theme there is no purchase icon in which to click. It actually says install on top right hand corner, when it should be saying purchase. I tried clicking on the install button anyway, which it doesn't and says size mis match. Is something wrong

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    So this is good to go on Cydia now?
    My latest theme - -

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    For some reason its not possible to buy it, but I hope the problem will be solved soon...

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    No Way...Iam sorry for whatever is happening....Iam writing Kyle right now to see what the problem is and how to fix it!

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    And I checked to see if the same thing was happening with other themes for purchase, thinking it was maybe my phone giving me a problem, but all the others were fine. It was just after-hours hd giving me that response

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