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Thread: AfterHours-HD

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    I wrote Kyle and he responded saying you relieve that message if the package is not officially purchased because it has a dependency to the main purchase the main theme and you recieve all color mods if you have already done so send me a screenshot of the package officially purchased page and I will send a direct link to you PM =) thanks

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    I get the same error like rockenrollmike (post:388)
    I don't had such problem with the green HD theme!
    When i want to download the red HD theme on Cydia i get the same error and the file size is only
    All my themes on my iphone are officially purchased!!!!

    (How i can take a screenshot from my iphone?)
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    I too get the same error, but no biggie. To take a screenshot of your phone, press the home button plus the power/lock button on the top right of your device at the same time. That will capture an image of your background.

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    Thanks Egbert! You have been alot help here in the forums! =) I appreciate that! I am going to go back to Kyle and see why it is no one can download the Red theme! Its kinda bugging me becuase he said it becuase we get the message cuz we didnt pay but I know all of you have So I will double check this and hopfully have fixed ASAP

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    Any body still having issues dowloaing the Red version can send me a screenshot of you purchased page and pm me that and I will send you a direct link!

    Merry Xmas!!

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    Think you could pm me the link bro? Sorry i didnt know how to pm you the picture so i just posted it up....
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    facking a sending 3 mails for red mod and you not sending back facking

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    Hey free sometimes I get this little red time on the side of my phone what could that be?
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    Here's the purchase still getting the same message when i try and download HD Red.
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    Quote Originally Posted by th3bo1t View Post
    here is what I have checked in winterboard
    I think if you Take off animation or wall clock (could be wall weather) then it shouldnt double up. One or the other, which ever combination suits you

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeApple View Post
    Check your PM Mike!
    idem red hd impossible

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    For me freeapple please afterhours hd red i buy theme

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    Free I sent u pm with my purchase please send me link to red hd. Still have problems down loading it

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    how to buy ? first screen and first clip. Please

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    could you transfer my purchase to ur afterhours HD as a few months back i purchase the non-hd ones. you said you transfer the purchase for me but it been months and i yet to be able to download the afterhours HD without purchasing it again.. thanks

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    What's up with AfterHours HD Red ?

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    Default how do i fix location
    how do i go about changing the location from houston to where i am at? thank you

    I'm having a hard time figuring out the weather. could you please email me with a how to. thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zooguy87 View Post
    how do i go about changing the location from houston to where i am at? thank you

    I'm having a hard time figuring out the weather. could you please email me with a how to. thanks
    go to Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News

    take the last 7 digits from the URL and ssh into your phone find whatever Weather you want ie: Wall Weather.. Find the configure me file and edit var locale and replace the 7 digits there with the 7 digits you got from your url...

    Should work fine then. You have to edit each configure me file for every weather mod in winterboard for it to show up correctly

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