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Thread: AfterHours-HD

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    how to download them and lockscreen ? I love this theme. Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by claireth View Post
    whats the AH 3d animation?because i dont have it in my theme..its something you created?
    yes its somting I created I uploaded to Cydia seperate becuase simply the package is getting WAY too big its free if you buy AH-HD so go get it

    Good Morning everybody! Green and Red color mods have been submitted! Purple and battery widget will be towrds the end of the week! fo those who have not seen this theme in action here is a video check it out thanks

    [ame=]YouTube - AfterHours HD[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egbert View Post
    I attached a picture of how I have afterhours organized in my winterboard. In your case, you're going to want to exchange "AH-3rdAnimation" with "AfterHoursLSWeather"; respring, and you're good to go. Note that you may need "Clock Hide" to properly view the theme; you're also (probably) going to have to edit the "configureME.js" file to change the default "Huston" location to your own location (edit the "var locale = ########" with your own WOEID number).

    To see how my setup looks like, see my pictures below.
    Also, I made a few edits of my own to fix the "weather image" problem where before it showed fog for a sunny day, it now shows the accurate image for the condition of the day. I also changed the "Humidity" to show the "Low and High" of the day. Moved the city location more to the center (need to move it more). I'm thinking of moving the "low and high" below the city name, but I'll think about it.

    I installed Clock Hide, Infinitfolders, and Lockinfo to give it a smooth look.
    Thanks for your help and it looks nice how you fixed it. But I want the Wall clock and the Weather shown on my home screen and lock screen too. I've tried so many times but I don't know why the Wall clock didn't appear. Sometimes I managed to get it appeared and there was a digital clock overlayed on the weather as well and I got so aggrevated. Does anyone know how to do it and please post a screenshot of Winterboard? Sorry I can't post my screenshot because I don't know how to do it, plus I'm using my iphone to reply. I've not tried the new Lock Screen yet, hence I still want the clock and weather on Lock Screen. How did you change to High and Low in Weather widget? Could you please post a screenshot?

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    i cant find it in Cydia..what is the exact name?
    Ignorance is Bliss

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    the exact name is AfterHours Animated Lockscreens

    but if you go into your search in Cydia and type AfterHours no space all these packages should show up ! =) thanks hope you find it !

    and Iam not positive about the ls and weather both running cuz I would have to load up and right ATM I am running blurbird to update but I would suggest running it in winterboard like this


    Hope that works for ya Thanks!

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    When is the green hd coming?

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    What's up with this? I'm stuck on this! Help please!

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    What's up with this? Help please!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -imageuploadedbymodmyi.jpg  

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    bro I have no clue! try removing ALL of AfterHours via SSH then redownload I will speak with Kyle ASAP about this issue....

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    I did and nothing same things comes out. UGH!

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    I have same issue. The e
    Same error message

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    Iam very sorry for this is it possible you use like tinypic or image shack to upload the screenshot so I can be more specific with Kyle and if you take a screenshot of the purchased page on Cydia I will send the direct DL link so you can have it until we resolve the issue! Iam sorry and am working on fixing this! Thanks

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    No worries I will wait until it's fixed. I have same message as killer. There are two other message boxes that pop up before this one but they come and go really fast I dont know what they say.

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    Thanks I appreciate the patience! Things happen and Iam not sure if its my end or the repos so I have written Kyle to see why as he is more educated about this stuff. We will have it going by tomorrow morning at the latest =) thanks

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    i can't download from cydia. how to buy it ?

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    finally figured out the problem and it was on my end! Iam sorry for the color mod DL issues it will be fixed tommorow and be able to DL by tomorrow afternoon! =) thanks for all your patience!

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    I am still having major problems changing the weather to my own locale ! No matter how many times I edit the .js file the weather widget seems stuck at "requesting weather" any ideas guys ?

    DOH !!!!! Problem solved, I was missing one number in the WOEID, all is good now
    Last edited by u_couple; 2010-12-16 at 04:51 PM. Reason: solved the problem

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    Great theme, I'd love to see it in pink!

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    Staysss it will be in purple and pink by next week for all the ladies =) I dont forget ya!

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    I was able to get the green but red there is still a problem.

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