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Thread: AfterHours-HD

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeApple View Post
    No the Nav Add On is a navigation style add on! this has its own thread in the other forum but does not support HD yet

    NEW Animated Lockscreens are up in Cydia!
    Well, since i bought the Nav Add On i want to use it. Where is the thread?

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    bought the theme I would like in format 24 ore.mi can you say Where should I change the values? thanks
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    Hey free when is that battery lockscreen when charging gonna make it debut?

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    24 hr coming soon I have so many request it will be its own se[perate package in cydia =)

    the battery charging with html will be the first of its kind ever!!! and it will be epic wait n watch Ill do it the everybody will do it and I will get zero credit for figuring it

    its coming ....maybee this weekend =)

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    Sweet!! Can't wait free!

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    Can't wait.. I love the AfterHours theme it was the first theme I bought for my i4.

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    Same, AfterHours is amazing.

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    Will any of the issues be fixed with the next release?


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    Hey i like this theme alot, i have a few questions, i want it setup for me properly, if anyone can help i would be much appreciated.


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    Cool I need some help
    i have the ipod touch 4g n have afterhours hd n i can not get the weather to go to my state.. and the ipod emblem isnt working.. is there anyway to fix both of these ...thanks

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    Default The weather
    Free Apple
    I am having a very tough time change the weather on the lockscreen and the background on ifile. the weather is always on Houston. I had managed to change it by changing the var locale to my zip code, but it gave me some random location i never heard of. You said i another post you have to put in the city and state? can you please post screenshots on where to put the info in configureMe.js or at least maybe an alternative to switching the location? because i love the theme and the only problem that is significant with it is that it's a hassle to figure out how to change the weather with ifile


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    KKK I have been away for a little while working on alot of things! There are some updates coming that will also have a READ ME file so it will make things alot easier to set up!!! I know it can be difficult somtimes without correct directions....I am sorry I should have put one in there from the beginning. The HD version everything should be in working order as of right now but I know a few are having issues setting up the weather so in the mean time

    go here and enter in your zip

    Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News

    it will take you to there weather page

    Yahoo! weather12791508/

    take those numbers in red from your zip and place in the varlocal""
    I hope this helps

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    Thanks man it finally works

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    Hey I just wanna say that this is the best theme I have seen so far. I have three questions. If you have answered them already I apologize for the repeat questions. Here they go.

    1. In the picture below, the words are hard to make out, is there a fix to lighten them up?

    2. In the calander icon is there a way to lower the dayto be centered in the blue line?

    3. I am currently using the AfterHours wall clock and I was wondering if there was a way to get the lights around the clock to flash?
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    As in the pic, does anyone know how to if its even possible to move the (Miami)in the middle of the screen in the weather widget just above the sun.
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    yeah you can move that wherever you want in the html...I am still working on an auto tag to center it when city changed but its not working correctly! and your other concerns Iam still working on...I have lots to do within E- is for Ezra and BlueBirdHD so please bare with me! =) Thanks

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    Its cool FA. Can you let in which file of the theme I can find the HTML? ANyways thanks love the theme.

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    It would be in the Weather theme folder called Widget.html and it is this right here
    top: 45px;
    left: 120px;

    Change whats in red...only by like 5 10 px and respring its really easy just a pain for every customer to do so. So I am trying to make an auto tag to center that div! Hope that helps thanks !

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    I got it. I was ale to do what I was looking for.
    below is a screen shot of it. I moved the city name from the middle of the wallpaper into the top widget under the moon. Thanks for the info.
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