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Thread: AfterHours-HD

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    I can put my time as spain, almeria lock screen

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    I bought the HD version off Cydia but I can't get the weather widgets to work or the red version. Can I like have an update?

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    what version do you have? and the red version is not yet in HD ....soon =)

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    I have version 1.0

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    hey free..... i got the new 1.5 update, nice i liked the sounds.
    ummm how can i fix this? the first digits that show the hours in the center clock in the homescreen are way off from each other..... how can i put them closer together??? the pictures below, thanks bro!!!

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    <table style="position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 82px; width: 320px; height: 461px;" cellspacing="" cellpadding="" align="center">
    <td height="40" border="0">
    <img src="dgc.gif" name="hr3" width="25" heigth="45">

    go in to the widget.html and towars the bottom you will see this

    change the characters to 122px...easy fix but it will be fixed in the next update if you have trouble

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    Can you please theme my3g and iwipecache.
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    hey Free if we purchased the non hd version before the HD version released do we get a free update to the HD version? If so i can send ya my email i used to purchase the non hd version on cydia.

    EDIT: I went ahead and purchased it again, if youd like you can give me the HD Nav addon for free : )
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    how do i change the city on afterhours hd 1.5 trying to do it the same way i did it for 1.0 but does not work help please?

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    all u need is the WOEID for ur city, go on GOOGLE and type WOEID zip code or just go to this link WOEID Info
    and type ur city then ssh back into the theme configureme files and the very first line there should be a var location and the followed by a 22 number i dont remember the whole number but i think it starts with 22, and once u have ur woeid # replace it with urs respring ur iphone and ur all done! hope this helps!

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    Yea just type your city and state into that field on that site.

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    Default Icon labels
    First of all, love the theme. I've seen one other mention of this...but no answer. What do we need to configure to get the icon labels back? Looking forward to the other color releases!

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    I am having problems with the weather icon it shows clouds when it's actually real sunny right now and hot any ideas
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    I tried the WOEID code and put it into every configureMe file and re sprung but it says "request weather..." any idea of what could b wrong?

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    I just moved into my new place internet isnt on yet ...hopfuly by this weekend....I will help everybody then

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    The new features are pretty slick looking but I am still having some issues. My clock is still duplicating on the main wall and after the first respring the animations stopped working...i do not get any pulsating lights...that part was cool while it lasted.
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    a couple more things, these may be easily fixed and minor issues. The time is oddly off as you seen in the first image, in the second image i just wanted to point out that it is very difficult to see the words, this screenshot is the menu that pops up when you try to mms, email, or share pictures from your phone.
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    I have fixed the clock from being off in the single digits....and with the animation that is odd! I will check on that too! Version 1.75 is going to fix a bunch and add more and will be released along with some really cool lockscreen animations Iam working on!

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