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Thread: [WIP] iDivinorum HD

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    Default [Submitted] iDivinorum HD
    This is going to be a work in progress that be my big hello to the iPhone4 theme community. I spent 4 years breaking barriers in the custom PSP theme community with extensive hex editing and unique layouts which can be seen here...not paying attention to the lack of HTML usage of that page :P

    Now I have an iPhone4 and have just begun to get my hands dirty with some high res theming.

    I thank k_nitsua for some answers and his work with zausser on NineHD...without that I would never have figured out the application folder names for full res application icons :P

    Big shout outs to k_nitsua, zausser, barsoverbeats...all of your themes blow me away!

    Currently I have submitted version 1.0. A fairly complete theme. This will display very nice on teh iPhone 4, since it was designed for it. But also the main icons and UI will also work on your older iDevices! *Currently the phone dialer would need to be redrawn at low res for older devices and I would rather spend time getting the rest of the theme done. So if you have an iPhone 3G(s) or an iPod touch 2g/3g you too can enjoy the base of this theme!

    This is definitely NOT the final version being submitted! Upon many requests I am submitting it today and will be continuously making updates! *Who doesn't like opening Cydia to find relevant changes!?! I know I do!!

    The UI is based upon my favorite Linux theme -Divinorum Revisited- which I have also made into a PSP theme last year. I just can't get enough of glossy purple/blue fades right now :P

    This theme currently has 2 looks. One based around the default apple icons, and one based upon custom images to give it a more unique look.

    I have included the psd for the loading screen and the main icons. If you would like to share your cydia based icons I will gladly add them to the repository in future updates for everyone to enjoy!

    I hope you enjoy it!!

    If you don't want to wait for cydia to approve *since it has been 9 days now* and also get immediate updates via email. Feel free to donate to me using my username for paypal

    Thanks for everything!

    *UPDATE 11/6/2010*
    Now FULL support for ALL devices on iOS 4.0 and 4.1!
    Added Weather Icon support
    New Folder Images
    A few other fixes
    As before...MORE TO COME! I just got my laptop back up and running with a new motherboard/video card/harddrive :-/

    Right now it is only available via a donate via paypal using my forum name and you will receive a link to download! Sorry Cydia STILL hasn't approved.
    Previous donaters will receive an email shortly
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    Wow. Dude this looks REALLY good. i mean it too! this theme looks amazing, the icons are very cool along with the wallpaper! Are u gonna do UI (statusbar icons, calc, dialer, music)?

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    I like the blue and purple
    U should definitely make a complete theme.

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    Seriously This is just The most...................................
    Awesome theme ever.
    Howd you get 5x5 on ios4? I WANT tis

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    Thanks guys, yes full UI is in progress and the tight 5x5 is a custom iconoclasm layout that I made for this theme.

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    Looks good man. Cant wait
    My mom says im cool

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    I like the color sceme!

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    haha i like that baby pic he looks awsome and so does ur theme bro.......omg i remember ur themes for the psp they were the best!!! u posted them always in consolespot
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    Looks really good! I hope you complete it!
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    im guessing this will be a paid theme? lol

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    dude!!! this looks sweet

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    SchmilK, I remember that name from all the great PSP themes
    This theme looks great!! I'm waiting for the release

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    Nice to see some psp friends!

    Out in Vegas for a week with no computer. But I plan on being finished before iphone5 is released. :P

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    Redrew the main icons so the 'light' looks like its turned on *as my wife put it lol*

    Not sure i like the blue and purple glow around the icons :-/

    uggh...seeing bars over beats new screenshots kills me on how nice they are :P

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    Nice, but I prefer the other folder icons you had before. & I think it looks better without the glow

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    Always a fan of your psp themes. Cannot wait to see
    What you create for te ip4

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    I too preferred the original icon design without the 'glow', but would it be much extra effort to release the original as a full theme and have a 'glow add-on' enabled through winterboard that will change the autocreate stuff to the glowing one? That way you could cater to everyone. Just a thought.

    I really like the direction you are going with this theme though... for me there is a distinct lack of good iPhone 4 themes (my own tastes) and I cringe everytime I see a theme on Cydia made through CodeThemed which is a drag and drop job... no skill involved.

    Love to see talented themers get right down to the nitty gritty and deep theming the UI.

    Can't wait for this theme!

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    Does the 'lights on' look of the bottom dot look better than the original?

    The icon glow is way stronger than i thought it would be since i was originally looking on a lighter background and also gives a poor looking soft edge to the icons That's not too bad to remove...heh...anything to prolong going back to the UI customization hell of a thousand images

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