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Thread: [WIP] iDivinorum HD

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    Quote Originally Posted by SchmilK View Post
    Does the 'lights on' look of the bottom dot look better than the original?

    The icon glow is way stronger than i thought it would be since i was originally looking on a lighter background and also gives a poor looking soft edge to the icons That's not too bad to remove...heh...anything to prolong going back to the UI customization hell of a thousand images
    Yes I think the glow on the dots look nice but there should be a bit less glow

    When can we expect the release/beta date? I really like the theme,
    especialy in combination with my purple-blue lockscreen

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    Semm thats one of my favorite wallpapers Just found this on HDWallpapers today...adds a little extra flair

    New update 9/3

    Inside a folder
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    when are we going to get this bad boy ?

    this is one of my favs
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    Looks cool now, as I asked before: When can we expect the release/beta date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semmm View Post
    Looks cool now, as I asked before: When can we expect the release/beta date?

    Maybe when i get some of the UI graphical bugs put to rest i will pass out a secret private beta for those who kindly donated a few bucks and/or responded to this thread

    Here is the selected image thinger...very hard to screen cap

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    very nice i like the viberant colors bro

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    Schmilk, any chance of seeing a screenshot where the folder icon doesn't have the diagonal line through it? I didn't notice it before but looking at it closer it seems a little... "off". The colours of the folder itself look nice to me, and just trying to imagine if the folder would look nicer without the line or not.

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    hey man, i wanna beta test this, where shud i send donations?! i love the purple and blue, its just sooo sexyy

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    Looks really awesome!!! Would gladly donate

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    There are some nice themes out there, and some nicer ones in development... But to say I'm probably looking forward to this one the most is quite an understatement.

    A progress update would be much appreciated.

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    Love the icons

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    Updates are coming along . Been buying up some premium themes to see what I have to compete with. If you knew me from PSP themeing you know I don't like to rush a release. This is to be no exception! I want this to be the most vivid and unique theme available to showoff the retina display! But I have alot to learn about what files change what graphics. Damn UI has too many images!

    Will post my new changes when I get back to work Tuesday or Wednesday...away for a funeral right now

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    Made some custom app icons today and got a bunch more uiimages done Theme is moving a little bit quicker now

    follow me on twitter for more updates SchmilK (SchmilK) on Twitter
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    Likin this!

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    looking good mate!

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    Out of curiosity. If you were to buy a theme from Cydia, would you rather it be complete and rarely updated, or have the base theme complete, and then enjoy being notified of new updates every few days as more graphics are added?

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    Not too bad.. still got a ways to go.
    My latest theme - -

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    looks awesome great job so far!!

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