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Thread: Buuf iPhone 4

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    rock75 (2010-12-27)

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    @ Stereo - that keyboard is perfect excellent work

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    Stereo89 (2010-12-27)

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    what is whith the dude poking his head up on the wallpaper? can I get rid of him? Or can I have a custom wallpaper setup?

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    Haaa. That dude poking his head up is what I love....

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    Great themes..... love it very much...
    donation sent.. waiting for live weather and flip clock...
    keep update.....

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    whenever you get a chance, would you mind making an iPhone 4 version of the page indicators you posted on the buuf2 forum?? (to replace the dots on the bottom of the homescreen pages)

    Buuf - Page 493


    By the way- stereo, I'm very curious-- do you finally have an iPhone 4 yet?

    Ps- does anyone know in what directory the original page indicator files are located? I can successfully replace/theme them by placing 12 x 12 pixel images in UIImages ... I really only care to find the original apple images because I wanna know if 12x12 is really the highest resolution these will go [when I add [email protected] - they look pretty good but not great... Is 20x20 maybe correct??]
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    does anyone know if I purchase iacces and then plan to update my version to 4.2 does my activated iacces still work or do I have to purchase again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stereo89 View Post
    I uploaded the Keyboard on Mediafire finally...
    I want Thank again Doreen for her support...
    Who want can donate and will receive the keyboard..
    Thank you all guys..I hope that you will like the keyboard and if you will see something wrong on it, just tell me...Have a good day!
    hi, i donated u once for the calculator, but didnt recieved it..

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    And can u buuf these for me please

    Thank u very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stereo89 View Post
    I had a busy day so now i'm going to sleep..These are some requests..


    Fish Tycoon (x2), Spider Solitaire (x2)


    Rose Glob


    Amazon Mobile icon already exist!

    Air Video, Aralon
    stereo89 Rose Glob?

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    Ple help to buuf this icon thanks!

    Ple help to buuf this icon thanks!

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    Sorry but i need time for the signal bar and this because i have a loooot of precedent requests..anyway no..i didn't buy an iPhone because i don't have the necessary in Italy it is more expansive! 779€ something about your 1000$!!! O.O so i need to work before to buy it..(The page indicators are 20x20..they are in the root of Springboard app)..


    Sorry, maybe i have forgotten to post it

    Rose Glob


    Maybe you received my mail like a spam and you deleted it..Can you send me your mail address in a PM?..Thank you


    You can ask only three icons at a time..anyway some of those already exist! them in the forum..
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    @ Stereo89

    Hi could you buuf an Sim Card icon, please ?

    it can be rotated 45 dgs right or something

    ohh, and also 2 icons "sim contact", and "phone contact"

    Thanx in advance

    Edit: "buuf" is a nice verb

    P.S. Could you make a drawing of lady gaga, i love her!
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    For Tap Tap Revenge 4
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    just a FYI keep your eyes open for gadezu Version of buuf hd theme cuz I have seen it an it's something to look forward to

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    SeptemberC (2010-12-27)

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    How do we keep an eye on Gedezu?????... thru this forum?

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    Could someone post the file that makes the icon on the **** drop lower please an thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by lovedliss View Post
    How do we keep an eye on Gedezu?????... thru this forum?
    Well smart guy he comes on here Periodically but he works alot An you spelled his name wrong it's gadezu
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    Quote Originally Posted by rock75 View Post
    totally off topic but hust curious if any one else is having a similar problem.... I don't like to look at my computer screen any more 'cus it ain't "buufed"!!!
    Well, I have been thinking the same thing. If you every figure out how to theme your Mac with buuf, please let me know....


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    Stereo89 said:

    "(The page indicators are 20x20..they are in the root of Springboard app)"


    I'm still not finding the originals on 4.1....

    20x20?? Ahhh that might be why they don't look that amazing at 12x12 I guess

    no worries... Take your time & thanks!!! Also whenever you can I'd love an icon for iTeleport: jaadu vnc [similar to the original pretty please] (so now I have three requests: the signal bars, the page indicators, & iTeleport). THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

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    Ok I know it's been asked before but I can't find the page its on

    How do I get rid of the black background on the icon??

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