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Thread: Modding hard to find screens. Please respond.

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    Default Modding hard to find screens. Please respond.
    Ok i see many people writing about this and several people have seen these custom mods but no one will post up how they did it. So i am writing to try and get the help from people and have it all in this one post. Feel free to write here if you know how to do these mods and also if you don't know something that i have already done i will help you also. I have changed every available image on this phone, But what i can't find is the top transparent bar on the lock screen and during call screen that shows the time behind it. (not the very top bar with carrier icon.) I have gotten rid of the bottom one. Also there is a thread here. And I am still trying to change the font and words at the top of these screens. help please. Also put pics in the background of my contacts. Where are the images to modify located at? I opened up all the artwork files i could find but i only found 2 so far. So please help us all out if you have done this already.

    Here are screenshots of what i have done so far.

    See how the top is still there. also if someone knows how to change the color of the time itself.

    So if you know how to change the stuff in the thread i linked to, please post it up on how you did it. Or Itzwil if you read this, please help.
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    Ok so i found the top background png where the time is, but when you get rid of it there is an all white one underneath that is the time. I am trying to figure out which is the time one. but there are about 270 images to go through and change to see. I will post here when i find out more.

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    Default Update! ! ! ! !
    Ok, so i found a lot of hidden files and assign so many one color, then the next set another color and so on to see what goes where and what i'm changing and can easily find it by color later. here are my results.

    ---------------Still can not find where the time is located at. Help anyone?-----------------------------

    So as you can see if you remove the top grey mask layer, the time turns out to be one big white layer underneath.

    Notice the color of the scroll bar?

    So if anyone knows where to get the time, or how to put pics on the background of your contacts, please share here or pm me and i'll make a write up for it.
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