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Thread: [New Theme] Vintage - by Jabdo79

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    Cool [New Theme] Vintage - by Jabdo79
    Here is a new theme I've been working on. Comes with a battery, icons, Summerboard ready theme, and alternate wallpapers. Let me know if you have any requests/changes you might like to see. And let me know what you think about it!

    Edit(10/14/07):Just finished some Weather Day and Night backgrounds! I have resubmitted the theme with the Weather backgrounds and it already has been approved.

    My goal is basically to make a completely Vintage iPhone, so expect more to be coming.



    New Dock/Weather Backgrounds
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    Thats awesome.. you shoudl try to make the dock match that top bar so its like two stripes going through the icons, but either way im gonna use it. i love beeing very minimal with my icons!

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    kicking it vintage yo haha
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    Very ! Cooli Yoo..!! Awson Icon Work ! May be Reflections in the Dock? that would look B.A.D

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    This is an AMAZING theme.
    Snaps to you!
    And first post. Impressive!

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    wow..pretty good! thx for the sharing!
    gonna start downloading now

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    Just realized that there isn't a Stock icon.
    Could you get one of these made?

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    Nice! I've been using that wall for some time, now I have a theme to go with it!

    I also second the request for a stock icon. Better yet, release the .psd or .png of a template vintage icon that you used for all the icons so people can make their own. That are release icons for all the apps (third party included).

    Good stuff.
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    Cool Requested Changes
    First thanks, i'm glad you liked the theme, i really do.

    Junkers: Took your suggestion and i have to say good idea, i think it came out really nice. I uploaded a new .rar with the original dock as an alternate dock and the new dock as the default dock. I also uploaded new wallpapers since I originally saved them with the dock "in" them.

    Dash-2: Thanks! And attached is the Stocks icon, never use it and have it hidden so i forgot to make one. But here it is.

    Delt23: I really like this wall too so i figured hey, i'll make a theme for it! Also, attached is a .png of my "blank" Vintage button. And if i may, can anyone that makes an icon with the "blank" template post the icon here in this thread? Thanks!

    I also added the "blank" icon and the Stocks icon to the new .rar in the downloads section, direct link below, awaiting re-approval.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    When is this theme going to be approved so I can download it again?
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    I'm unable to download this..

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    Thanks for the update Jabdo79!

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    is this summer board ready? Also could you upload it on app installer

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    I love this theme. It is amazing. Only thing is its lack of third-party program icons. If it had all of the icons I have on my springboard I would most definitely use it as my main theme. Icons for the following programs would be amazing:

    NES **
    Sudolu **

    The ones with the ** are the most pressing for myself and people I know. But all would be incredible! Keep up the amazing work with the theme!

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    romeo0119: It is Summerboard ready and i will be submitting it for upload on app Installer.

    def-one: That is quite a list, I'll see what I can do.

    I also just finished attaching some Weather backgrounds above, hope you like them!

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    Beautiful weather backgrounds.
    Add then to your download!

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    I've been having problems getting the battery images to work using
    If I take the default image (0% battery) from the default battery image that comes with the iPhone and name it BatteryBG-1.png and then rename the other files BatteryBG-2.png and so on, with the full battery image being named BatteryBG.png, should recognize it and use it. I did this with the Wood Battery images, the XMB Battery images and so on. It worked for every one except yours. I don't know why. Can you please make a battery image set that you can just drop into Customize/BatteryImages/Vintage/ and select it? Manually replacing the image files in the app itself is a nuisance since I change themes a few times a week, going back and forth from one to the other depending on my mood, heh.

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    delt32: I just uploaded a new version of the battery which is Customize friendly. Reason I didn't notice it didn't work is because I have not used Customize until today. But I installed it on my phone and solved the problem to help you out. Turns out i was missing a .png, like you said, the one that is completely empty. Easy to fix, and i renamed them all so you don't have to. Only thing left is to wait for approval.

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    Thanks for the update/support!

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