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Thread: "Racmatic PICA" PREVIEW...

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    Default "Racmatic PICA" PREVIEW...


    As a graphic designer and video editor I have been sitting back watching beautiful themes come in, and using a number of them... never building my own. Then I came across those of you who became inspired by Adobe's CS3 Icons, and I finally had to build one for myself and other Creative Professionals like myself. I used the boxing graphics for adobe's newest products as well as there new abbreviations look. I am posting this as a preview to really gauge interest, as a designer though I hate incomplete themes, so I wont be posting a download until late tomorrow when I have Icons for every application I use, which is almost all of them I am aware of. This will be a very close to complete Theme icon wise for sure. At that point I will also post the PSD so as new apps are coming out you can continue to use this theme. So let me know if you want it when its done, and specially if anyone can help me get it on installer. Thank you.

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    Default awesome theme
    this is a very clean and crisp looking theme. I can't wait until it is finished. Nice Work.

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    cant wait to take this one for a spin

    looks very nice

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    *bump* hope he doesnt forget us and posts this!

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    looking awesome ^_^

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    I like. Can't wait to try it out.
    Don't forget the Thanks if I helped

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    Haven't forgot you guys! Thanks for the responses as of now it looks like one more day of work before the official release!

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    awww suck. oh well look forward to the release.

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    when is this bad boy coming out ???

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    Really Great looking theme..

    It is on the installer now, but I have a question, can you have too many themes on your phone, as once installed this my iphone locked up and I had to force reboot, then it wouldn't boot all the way - spinny circle of pain

    I managed to get onto the phone through SSHin' it, and deleted this theme manually and it sprung back into life.

    Now have I got too many themes or is something in the file structure of this theme causing problems, too scared to try again

    Not try to cause a scare of this theme, might well be due to something going on with my phone.

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    no actually unfortuently it is this theme some how some of the files got corrupted, i am in the process of trying to fix this, as are others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antholyhotdamn View Post
    no actually unfortuently it is this theme some how some of the files got corrupted, i am in the process of trying to fix this, as are others.
    OK, cheers for the reply,

    I'll give it another go once it has got the all clear

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