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Thread: Theme Ideas / Suggestions

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    Cool Theme Ideas / Suggestions
    I might be in the wrong spot for this and If I am, sorry.
    I did not see a suggestions / Ideas section.

    I started creating an old school Marathon theme. I will post it somewhere if someone wants / has the time to take it over.
    It's not much but, the sound set is pretty cool.
    I have a bunch of files and art as well.

    Another pretty cool theme someone could do is a M.C. Escher theme

    Just some random thoughts.

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    A M.C. Escher theme would be ROCKIN' if you could pull it off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcantara4 View Post
    That would be tight like prom night.
    Wouldn't prom night.. not.. be... tight?

    (A Goonies theme would rock though!)

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    Ha Ha I would hope.
    Melting Icons such as the clock etc. would be pretty sweet for Escher.
    I wish I had the time to do it.

    Back to the future could be cool done correctly.

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    I would love a good BTTF theme, perhaps sounds too. 'Great Scot' '1.21 jiggawats' etc. Please do it. Unfortunatly i'm not that smart.

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