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Thread: the "Fall" theme [Theme Release]

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    Default the "Fall" theme [Theme Release]
    Well here is another quickie. Tis the season I suppose. Its just about fall here and the leaves are fallin.

    The theme looks clean and bright. A bit hard to read text labels but not too bad.

    So here it is.

    Download Fall Theme (Updated with lots of third party icons)
    15, ants, apollo, balls, butterfly, customize, fivedice, iblackjack, iflashcards, ilight, installer, ipod, ipowerhour, ishare, isplit, lights off, mines, musicquiz, navizon, nes, pigshooter, rsbt, rss, sendsong, sketches, smbprefs, sudoku, terminal, tetris, todolist, ttr, vnotes, wedict
    Much thanks to "Japser44" for making all third party app icons.

    Also should be available through High Tymes source on Installer shortly if not already.

    Hope you enjoy it. If any of the sources out there for Installer are willing to host please let me know I'll email it with info. Thank you!


    Custom Icons
    Here is the download for the icon.
    - Place your image in the appropriate layer.
    - Goto "Select > Load Selection"
    - Choose "Alpha 1" under the "channel" drop down. Press OK
    - Now press delete to erase the outer part so it fits into the box.
    - That should do it
    Download Fall Icon (has been updated)
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    nice! let me know when it's available on installer.

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    Extremely classy "Thanks" =)

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    Beautiful work.

    One thing I think all theme designers should do is release a template icon .psd file or similar so that other people can create icons for custom apps and other apps that are not currently skinned. There are many third party apps I would love to have in this design, but don't because they haven't been made or released yet.

    Otherwise excellent, excellent work!

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    I really like it, only thing is that on the homescreen, the time is white, not black like in the picture in the OP, and its impossible to see it. Anyway to change that?



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    delt23 : Yes I will be releasing the icon.psd with little instructions later tonight. Thank you!

    hoits2000 : Thank you! Thats odd that mine is black and your isn't. I don't remember changing it on mine, and thats an actual screen shot so it SHOULD be black. lol I don't know.

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    What a nice theme!! I love the simpleness. Keep up the work!! Third party apps should be considered a necessity


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    Can we get that PSD

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    I will upload the icon psd tonight. Also throw in a little instruction sheet.

    I have uploaded the icon, so you can make your own.

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  11. #10 great, but what about the leaf part that goes over the top?

    Edit: I realized it is just a mini version of the dock.
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    Here's Lights Off. I'll add the icons as I make them. I'm going to make a few tonight then go to bed and do more tomorrow.
    Attached Images Attached Images         
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    How do I get high Tymes source on my installer?

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    you can install the source via ibrickvr - in install apps.

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    sorry for asking, but can some1 tell me how to apply the themes i download from the installer???
    i know what Jailbreak is

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    Jasper : Ah yes I must have deleted it when I saved the psd. Sorry about that I'll update the PSD tonight. Looks like you've done quite well on your own though. lol. Great job. Its much appreciated.

    Brum Brum : find a post by the High Tymes guy. In his signature it has a small instruction on how to do it. Your phone needs to be jail broken or at least have access to adding files outside of just installer.

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    Know what would work great with this theme? It would go in hand with the snow falling and Make an app using the program to make leaves falling down the screen. SICK!

    Nice theme, I love it!

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    jetnor : you have to have "summberboard" installed on your phone. It is in installer. Install that and it will let you change your themes, that you've downloaded.

    Donald : lol! you're right. There would probably be a lot of people who would like that. Unfortunately Iknow nothing about programming for the iPhone. So if there is someone out there (perhaps the programmer who would like to do this. I'd be honored to have them make it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metatrox View Post
    Jasper : Ah yes I must have deleted it when I saved the psd. Sorry about that I'll update the PSD tonight. Looks like you've done quite well on your own though. lol. Great job. Its much appreciated.
    I noticed I messed up though. I left the dock higher on the icon than you did. I'll have to fix them and make some more tonight.

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