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Thread: the "Transformers" theme [Theme Release]

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    wow...nice..thx for sharing!!! loving transformers!

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    tridluu : When you download the source file you need to place it on your phone manually with software like iPhoneBrowser.

    Once you do that then Installer will have the source. Otherwise you can download the skin file on its own and use a program like iPhoneBrowser to place the skin into your summerboard skin folder.

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    hey thanks metatrox,

    what i use is winscp and i guess that works the same as iphonebrowser. I also downloaded the link source and put it in manually but i still couldnt find the theme. no worries, i placed it in manually in the summerboard folder. one more should definitely add some sounds!!!

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    i am new to this and have not changed anything on my iphone except with itunes. if i download thisor any how do i load onto iphone.i cant get it. thx

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Great Theme....**** Is Fire!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    The Empire strikes back!
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    Ooooh dude, This is freakin' AWESOME! Thanks. Hot like robots on fire. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

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    swseet theme. Are you doing any work on stuff for Customize ? Sliderbar, carrior image, battery. Those kind of things?

    Edit: i used your .psd file and made these icons that where not included
    Field Test

    i included them in this post jsut so no one else has to bother to remake them

    Another Edit: i like this dock so ,much i had to splice it in Ohh and i made a transformer Carrier Image and a sliderbar
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    Great! Thanks for making those other icons. I havent had hardly any time lately to work n any themes. Thanks!!

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    Default DOnt download off installer
    Its messed up my phone

    Anyone know how to fix it???

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    If you just say, "My phone is messed up", its kinda hard for anyone here to help you. Maybe you could describe the problem a little better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metatrox View Post
    Great! Thanks for making those other icons. I havent had hardly any time lately to work n any themes. Thanks!!
    yea no problem. with your nifty little .psd file it makes it a breeez.

    If you want me to upload the carrier img and the mainslider bar button let me know.

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    Yeah if you could that'd be great! Ill also add them to the main post so people can grab them if they want.

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    here ya go in a .zip 3 files one for the slider and 2 for the carrier image
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    Hi guys this REALLY messed up my iPhone i am so frustrated!
    Okay so i installed the sources thing (hightymes) and it installed and reported an error. Then it went back to the springboard- but this was TOTALLY unresponsive.

    So, i turned it off, and turned it back on- it took ages to load...and finally went to the sprinboard- which keeps on reloading itself and is unresponsive!!!

    I can't even get it in DFU mode to restore it!


    this is a u.k. 1.1.2 iPhone downgraded to 1.0.2 so i can use my 02 sim on it.

    Thank you

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    hey guys im really new as all this file stuff..could someone give me a hand with putting this sick transformers theme up thanks

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    These themes rocks.. thanks and Great job

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    no themes anywhere with source added....

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    Any way we can get the transformers theme uploaded to the MMI Installer source? I cant seem to get hightymes source to come up. Anyone have the EXACT web address? I used and I cant find a downloadable version on any online source!!
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    im new to this and just dont quit understand the installer im suppose to download please give me a hand ive jailbroke mine and have got themes using sb but this one doesnt seem to work for me any help would be great

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